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8th probability data

8th grade knowledge map probability and data and statistics

_____ is the ratio of favorable outcomes to total possible outcomes. Probability
_____ probability is mathematically what should happen. Theoretical
_____ probability is what does happen. Experimental
When two events have no effect on each other, they are considered _____ events. independent
When a second event is affected by a previous event, they are considered _____ events. dependent
_____ are experiments designed to act out a situation in real life with a given probability. Simulations
_____ is the measures of mean, median, and mode. Central tendency
The _____ , or average, is found by taking the sum of the data divided by the number of data. mean
The _____ is the most frequently occurring piece of data. mode
The _____ is the middle piece of data when in order from least to greatest. median
The _____ of the data is the difference between the greatest value and the smallest value in the data set. range
A _____ compares two sets of data to see relationships. scatter plot
A _____ is a measure of how one variable depends on or is related to another. correlation
A _____ is a relationship between two sets of vaiables where both sets increase. positive correlation
A _____ is a relationship between two sets of variables where one set increases and the other decreases. negative correlation
If there is no relationship between the two variables, they have _____ . no correlation
_____ represent how data changes over time. Line graphs
A _____ is a bar graph that represents frequency of data in intervals. histogram
_____ are best for comparing parts to a whole. Circle graphs
A _____ is a diagram showing frequency of data on a number line. line plot
A _____ is an arrangement of numbers that separate the digits into columns. stem and leaf plot
A _____ is a graphical method for showing the median, quartiles, and extremes of data. box and whisker plot
The _____ is the median of the lower half of an ordered set of data. lower quartile
The _____ is the median of the upper half of an ordered set of data. upper quartile
_____ are points of data that don't fit the general pattern. Outliers
A _____ should be a randomly selected group chosen for the purpose of collecting data. sample
_____ are graphs made to misrepresent the data by using skewed scales, intervals, and samples. Misleading graphs
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