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8th propoportion geo

8th grade knowledge map proportionaliity geometry measurement

A _____ is an equation showing that two ratios are equal. proportion
A _____ is a ratio of two measurements with different units. rate
When a rate is is simplified so it has a denominator of one, it is called a _____ . unit rate
_____ have equivalent unit rates. Proportional relationships
_____ relationships have different unit rates. NonProportional
The graph of a proportional relationship must form a _____ and contain the point (0,0). line
_____ figures have the same shape and same size. Congruent
_____ figures have the same shape, but not the same size. Similar
Similar shapes are always proportional and their corresponding sides always form _____ . equal ratios
Missing measurements in similar shapes can be found using _____ or a scale factor . proportions
The _____ is the ratio between similar figures. scale factor
The scale factor is found by dividing _____ sides of similar figures. (new/old) corresponding
A _____ is a transformation that shows an enlargement or reduction of a given figure. dilation
A figure and is dilation are _____ . similar figures
_____ is used to distinguish between a figure and its dilation. Prime notation
Measurement equivalents can be found on the 8th grade _____ . mathematics chart
A _____ is a change in the position, size or shape of a figure or graph. transformation
A _____ is a transformation that shows a mirror image of a figure of graph across a line. reflection
A _____ is a transformation that slides a figure or graph across the plane. translation
A _____ is a three dimensional object having two bases that are parallel and congruent polygons. prism
A _____ has two triangular faces and three rectangular faces. triangular prism
A _____ has a polygon base and triangular lateral faces that meet at a vertex. pyramid
A _____ is a solid with a circular base and a curved surface that connects the base to a vertex. cone
To find the missing side of a right triangle, use the _____ . Pythagorean Theorem
The Pythagorean Theorem states that for a right triangle, a _____ + b _____ = c _____, where c is the hypotenuse and a and b are legs. squared
_____ of a right triangle are the sides that form the right angle. legs
The _____ of a right triangle is the side opposite the right angle. hypotenuse
The hypotenuse is the _____ side of the right triangle. longest
A _____ is a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides. parallelogram
A _____ is a quadrilateral where only 2 sides are parallel. trapezoid
A _____ is a parallelogram with equal sides. rhombus
The _____ of a triangle is a segment drawn from any vertex perpendicular to its opposite side. height
ALL the necessary formulas are on the formula chart. I must be able to _____ them - NOT MEMORIZE THEM. find and apply
To find _____ add up the lengths of all the sides of a figure and express in linear units. perimeter
_____ is the amount of space within a two-dimensional object and is expressed in square units. Area
A _____ is a flat pattern that can be cut out, folded and glued together to make a three-dimensional model of a solid. net
The _____ of an object is found by finding all the areas of the surfaces and adding them together (INCLUDING the bases). total surface area
The _____ of an object is found by finding all the areas of the surfaces and adding them together (EXCLUDING the bases) lateral surface area
_____ is the amount of space within a three-dimensional object and is expressed in cubic units. Volume
The capital "B" in the volume formulas represents the _____ of a solid figure. area of the base shape
The capital "P" in the surface are formulas represents the _____ shape of a solid figure. perimeter of the base
When you multiply the dimensions of a shape by a factor of "x", the _____ is also multiplied by a factor of "x". perimeter
When you multiply all the dimensions of a shape/figure by a factor of "x", the _____ is multipled by a factor of "x" squared. area or surface area
When you multiply all the dimensions of a three-dimensional figure by a factor of "x", the _____ is multipled by a factor of "x" to the 3rd power. volume
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