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8th rational & algeb

8th grade knowledge map rational numbers and algebraic reasoning

Decimals, percents and fractions are different ways to express the _____ same value
_____ are parts per hundred. Percents
_____ are numbers that when multiplied give a product. Factors
To _____ fractions you need to have a common denominator. add or subtract
When adding or subtracting fractions with common denominators, add or subtract the numerators and keep the denominators _____ the same
_____ is dividing the numerator and denominator by the greatest common factor. Simplifying fractions
The _____ is the largest number that two or more numbers can be divided by. greatest common factor
When multiplying _____ multiply the numerators and the denominators, then simplify. simple fractions
When multiplying mixed numbers change the mixed numbers to _____ , multiply the numerators and the denominators and simplify. improper fractions
To _____ multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. divide simple fractions
The _____ is the inverted form of the fraction. reciprocal
A fraction with a zero in the _____ is equal to 0. numerator
A fraction with a zero in the _____ is undefined. denominator
The _____ of a fraction can be found by dividing the numerator by the denominator. decimal form
_____ are all the natural numbers and their opposites. Integers
_____ numbers are the set of whole numbers excluding 0. Natural
Positive and negative numbers are _____ . opposites
The sum of opposites is always _____ . zero
Adding a negative numbers is the same as _____ . subtraction
When two numbers with opposite signs are multiplied or divided, the answer is always _____ . negative
When two numbers with the same sign are multiplied or divided, the answer is always _____ . positive
A number's _____ is its distance from zero. absolute value
The symbol for _____ is | |. absolute value
A _____ number is the product of two identical numbers. square
A number that is multiplied by itself to form a product is called the _____ of that product. square root
A _____ is the symbol used to represent a square root. radical
A _____ number is the number that can be written as a/b where a and b are integers, but b is not equal to 0. rational
An _____ number is a number whose decimal form is nonterminating and nonrepeating. irrational
_____ is a way to express a very large or very small number as the product of a number between 1 and 10 and a power of 10. Scientific notation
_____ is a branch of mathematics that uses variables to generalize the rules of numbers and operations. Algebra
An _____ is made up of variables and constants joined by addition and subtraction. algebraic expression
A _____ is the numerical part of the term. coefficient
_____ are terms that are exactly the same except for their coefficients. Like terms
A _____ is a numerical term that does not change. constant
An _____ is a mathematical sentence showing two expressions are equal. equation
To _____ an equation means to find all the values of the variable(s) that make the equation true. solve
_____ are operations that undo each other. Inverse operations
An equation can be changed and remains equal only when the same operation is done to _____ . both sides
A _____ is a predictable relationship where one variable depends on another. function
_____ is the set of x-coordinates of the set of points on a graph. Domain
_____ is the set of y-coordinates of the set of points on a graph. Range
The _____ is a two-dimensional region determined by a pair of axes that uses ordered pairs to represent the location of an object. coordinate plane
The coordinate plane is divided into 4 _____ or sections and are numbered counter clockwise. quadrants
The x-axis is the _____ number line on the coordinate plane. horizontal
The y-axis is the _____ number line on the coordinate plane. vertical
_____ is the point of intersection of the vertical and horizontal axes of the coordinate plane. The coordinates for this are (0,0). Origin
When analyzing data, you look for _____ , not point to point differences. patterns and trends
_____ are established over time with 3 to 5 data points. Trends
Created by: suev503