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Life Science

Terms and definitions for Life Science Unit

An animal that eats only plants. Herbivore
An animal that eats only meat. Carnivore
An animal that eats both plants and animals. Omnivore
A producer is.... A plant
All energy comes from.... Sun
Plants use a process called______________ to make food. Photosynthesis
What is the green coloring inside a plant when it is making food energy for other living things? Chorophyll
The amount of energy kept by a plant or animal is _________ out of every 10. 1
Flowering plants use ____________ to collect nutrients from the soil. Roots
Moss is not a plant, it is a.... Decomposer
Animals that eat other animals that have already died are called.... Scavengers
We need more plants than herbivores and omnivores combined because.... They need enough to eat and survive until new plants are produced.
What are the two types of plants based on how they reproduce? Seed and spore
Pine tress are seed or spore? seed
Which part of the plant holds the pollen? Anther
Which part of the plant holds the ovule and ovary? pistil
Which part of the plant holds it close until it's ready to open? sepal
Which part of the plant helps attract insects? petals
When we eat carrots, we're eating the ___________part. root
When we eat celery, we're eating the __________________ part. stem
When we eat cauliflower, we're eating the _____________ part. flower
When we eat peanuts, we're eating the ______________ part. Seed
When we eat salad, we're eating the ___________________ part. Leaves
When a plant begins to grow, we say it.... germinates
A carnivore can eat from which levels? Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore
An herbivore can eat from which level. Producer
An omnivore can eat from which levels? Producer, carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.
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