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WH Religion Test

Define Religion A set of beliefs and practices agreed upon by a group
What are the five functions of religion? 1. gives hope 2. Instructs how to live 3. Explains afterlife 4. Explains the creation of the world 5. Explains human purpose
What is the most populous religion in the world? Christianity
What is the second most populous religion in the world? Islam
Of the big 5, which has the least followers? Judaism
What is the oldest religion in the world still practiced today? Hinduism
What is the theism for Hinduism? Poly
What are the three main gods in Hinduism? Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma
What is the goal in life for Hindus? Move up the Caste System and finally reach moksha?
What is moksha? Like heaven, but it is a state of mind. Knowing everything and being one with God.
What is the holy text of the Hindus? Vedas
Why don't we know who the founder of Hinduism is? It's so old, we don't have records.
What is dharma? The job you are supposed to do according to your caste.
What is kharma? If you do your dharma well, you will move up a caste in your next life. If you don't, you'll move down.
What is yoga? Stretching and meditating at the same time
Which religion uses yoga most? Hinduism
What are the religious leader of Hinduism? Gurus and priests
Why do Hindus and Buddhists not eat meat? They think it is violent and wrong to kill an animal
Which country has the most Hindus today? India
Where do Hindus worship? Temple
The Star of David is a symbol for which religion? Judaism
Which religion was founded by King Solomon? Judaism
What theism is Judaism? Monotheistic
What is the more common name for the Five Books of Moses? Torah
The Torah is really just the first five books of ... The Old Testament
Prophet for Judaism Moses
All Jews go to.. heaven
What are two languages spoken by many Jews? Hebrew (original language) Yiddish (mix of Hebrew and German)
What is a diaspora? A mass movement of people from one place to another. This happened to the Jews at least three times.
What is the leader of a synagogue called? Rabbi
What is kosher? Rules for foods that are forbidden for Jews.
What are examples of kosher? No cloven hoof meats No meat with cheese No shellfish
What is the place of worship for Jews? Synagogue
Why is the US the place with the most Jews today? There was a Diaspora during the Holocaust from Europe to the US.
Which religion has the most monks? Buddhism
What is Buddha's original name? Siddhartha Gautama
Why did Buddha become the Buddha? He mediated for 8 weeks
What theism is Buddhism? Atheistic
What is nirvana? It's like moksha. Total connectedness to the universe. Knowing everything and being forever happy.
Why do Buddhists think we see the world as an illusion? Because we are too attached to stuff and people. That attachment brings us suffering.
What is the holy book for Buddhists? Pali Canon
What happens when a Buddhist dies? They are either reincarnated or reach nirvana
Where do most Buddhists worship? Home shrines
Who is the most visible leader of Buddhists? The Dalai Llama
Theravada Buddhism The old "Buddha" Buddhism. Means you have to give up everything and be a monk to reach nirvana
Mahayana Buddhism The new kind of Buddhism. Can be mono or polytheistic. Anyone can reach nirvana.
Country with most Buddhists China
Early Christians were reformers of which religion? Judaism
What was the name of the church that Peter started? Catholic
What does Catholic mean? Universal, or "the one and only"
What language did Jesus speak? Aramaic
Which religion is symbolized by the crescent moon and star? Islam
Who is the founder of Islam? Muhammad
Which is the youngest religion of the big five? Islam
What do you call a worshipper of Islam? Muslim
What does Islam mean? Submission
Muslims see themselves as a continuation of.. Judaism and Christianity
Where does Islam start? Mecca, Saudi Arabia
What is the purpose of life for a Muslim? To submit to God
What is the purpose of life for a Buddhist? To reach nirvana
What is the purpose for life for a Jew? To keep the covenant (contract) with God.
What theism are Jews? Monotheistic
What theism are Muslims? Monotheistic
What is the holy book of Islam? Koran (Qu'ran)
Who told Muhammad to write the Koran? Angel Gabriel brought the message from God
What does Allah mean? It's Arabic for God
What happens when you die according to Muslims? Heaven or Hell
You MUST KNOW the Five Pillars of Islam. What are they? Prayer, Fasting, Belief, Pilgrimage, Charity
How many times does a Muslim pray in one day? Five
What is the name of the holy month for Muslims? Ramadan
What is Hijab? Dress rules for Muslims
Where do Muslims worship? Mosques
What is halal? It is like kosher for Muslims. Food must be prepared by a Jew, Muslim or Chrisitan.
What are the two main branches of Islam? Sunni and Shia
What do the two main branches of Islam fight over? Who should be the leader of all Muslims (caliph). Should he be a relative of Muhammad or just a nice guy?
Why are Jews and Muslims fighting in Israel? They both think they should own what they call the Holy Land.
Which country today has the most Muslims? Indonesia
Which religion focuses on alien souls? Scientology
Which religion says Jesus taught in America after He was crucified? Mormonism
Which religion believes that Satan has been on earth since 1914? Jehovah's Witnesses
Which religion/philosophy is based on the five basic relationships? Confucianism
What religion says that all religions are the same? They believe that God shows Himself to different people in different ways. Bahai'
Created by: rockcastle