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Srta Lynch trabajo

Work and jobs

lawyer abogado
actor actor
actress actríz
customs officer aduanero
farmer agricultor
builder albañil
architect arquitecto
astronaut astronauta
air hostess azafata
dustman basurero
fireman bombero
waiter camarero
waitress camarera
lorry driver camionero
singer cantante
foreman capataz
butcher carnicero
postman cartero
scientist científico
surgeon cirujano
cook cocinero
driver conductor
accountant contable
priest sacerdote
priest cura
dentist dentista
shop assistant dependiente
electrician electrista
employee empleado
nurse enfermero
writer escritor
student estudiante
chemist farmacéutico 
plumber fontanero
farmer granjero
engineer ingeniero
gardener jardinero
jeweller joyero
judge juez
book seller librero
doctor médico
mechanic mecánico
miner minero
sailer marinero
model modelo
instructor monitor
monk monje
nun monja
nanny niñera
labourer obrero
office worker oficinista
baker panadero
shepherd pastor
hairdresser peluquero
journalist periodista
fisherman pescador
pilot piloto
painter pintor
caretaker portero
policeman policía
teacher profesor
politician político
psychologist psicólogo
psychiatrist psiquiatra
resceptionist recepcionista
reporter reportero
tailor sastre
secretary secretario
soldier soldado
shoemaker zapatero
taxi driver taxista
technician técnico
bullfighter torero
bullfighter matador
translator traductor
salesman vendedor
vet veterinario
Created by: Luvlycaroline