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English Vocab Ch.4

adaptable able to adjust to new situations
decree an official order or decision from someone in authority
eccentric acting or thinking in a strange way; not usual or normal in behavior; odd
esteem a favorable opinion; respect
gumption courage and energy; resourcefulness
hurdle an obstacle over which a runner must leap in certain track events; any obstacle,difficulty, or problem
jovial merry, playful, and jolly; cheerful and friendly
knoll a small, rounded hill; a mound
multitude a very large number of persons or things; a crowd
nonchalant having or showing a cool, confident manner; casual
recede to go or move backward or to appear to do so
sluggish having little motion, speed, energy, or activity
suspense uncertainty; concern about the outcome
sweltering very hot, sticky, and damp
virtue the quality of righteousness, goodness, or moral excellence
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