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Stack #167173

5th grade math vocabulary

acute angle an angle with a measure of less than 90 degrees
obtuse angle an angle with a measure greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees
horizontal axis a reference line from which distances or angles are measured horizontally in a coordinate system
vertical axis a reference line from which distances or angles are measured vertically in a coordinate system
base the side of a polygon that contains one end of hte altitude
composite a number that has more than two factors
cube 1) a regular solid with six square faces 2) the third power of a number
determine to settle or decide by an authoritative or conclusive decision
decompose to separate into components, parts, or basic elements
dimension the lengths of sides of a geometric figure
divisible one number is divisible by another number if their quotient is an integer
evaluate to find the value of a mathematical expression
greatest common factor (GCF) the largest number that divides evenly into two or more numbers
height the length of a perpendicular line segment from a vertex to the opposite side of a plane figure
least common multiple (LCM) the smallest common multiple of a set of two or more numbers
line graph a graph that uses a line to show how data change over time
mean a number found by dividing the sum of two or more addends by the number of addends, often referred to as the average
prime number a number that has exactly two different positive factors, itself and 1
origin the intersection of the x and y axes in a coordinate plane, described by the ordered pair (0,0)
scale (axis) a system of marks at fixed intervals used in measurement or graphing
symmetry when one half of an image is the mirror image of the other half
thousandths the value of a digit three places to the right of the decimal
equilateral triangle a triangle with all sides the same length
isosceles triangle a triangle that has at least 2 congruent sides
obtuse triangle a triangle whose largest angle measures greater than 90 degrees
right triangle a triangle that has one 90 degree angle
scalene triangle a triangle that has no congruent sides
value a numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed
variable 1) a quantity that can have different values 2) a symbol that can stand for a variable
volume the number of cubic units it takes to fill a solid
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