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BJ Chem Ch 5 Sec C

BJ Chem Ch 5 Part 2 Section C

Which element is in a family by itself? Hydrogen
Group IA elements are called the ______ ______. Alkali metals
When the top element of a group resembles elements in the next group over we call this a ______ _________. Bridge relationship
(True or False) In Chemistry 'salt' refers to only the compound sodium chloride. False
Group IIA elements are called the __________ ________ metals. Alkaline Earth
The B groups are _____________ metals. Transition
The lanthanide and actinide series form the ________ _________ metals Inner Transition
Aluminum and lead are examples of the _____- _______ metals Post Transition
Elements on the 'stair step' are called semimetals or _____________. Metalloids
(True or False) Group IIIA's aluminum corrodes (rusts) like iron. False
Which element makes coal, diamonds, and graphite in Group IVA? Carbon
Element in Group VA which is used to make fertilizer, ammonia, smog, and 'laughing' gas Nitrogen
Element in Group VIA which can either be diatomic X2 or polyatomic X3. Oxygen
Element in Group VIA which is known as 'brimstone'. Sulfur
Group VIIA elements, which are salt formers when reacted with metals, are called the ____________ family. Halogen
Group VIIIA elements are referred to as the inert or _______ gases. Noble
Elements which join with oxygen form compounds called _____________. Oxides
Elements which join with sulfur form compounds called __________. Sulphides
Many elements in the lanthanide series are slightly magnetic, or ______________. paramagnetic
Hydrogen combined with a Group IA metal forms a compound MX called a ________________. Metal hydride
The Goodyear blimp and deep-sea divers both depend on the element ______________. Helium
halo means _____________. salt
Scientist who named both phosphorus and oxygen Lavoisier
A chemical detective which analyzes substances to identify elements and compounds is a _____________ chemist. Analytical
The analysis done to determine how much of something is present is called ___________ analysis. Quantitative
The flame test is one test used in _____________ analysis to identify what elements are present. Qualitative
Materials which are weakly attracted by a magnetic field because of unpaired electrons exhibit the property of _________________. Paramagnetism
Elements which can conduct electricity under certain conditions (metalloids) are called ______________. semiconductors
Created by: MArCHChemBJ