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Stack #164574

addition the act or process of adding or uniting
angle two rays that share a common endpoint
right angle an angle with a measure of 90 degrees
atribute a quality or characteristic inherent in or ascribed to someone or something
chart a sheet exhibiting information in a tabular form
circle a closed curve with all its points in one plane and the same distance from a fixed point (the center)
closed figure a geometric form consisting of any combination of points, lines, or planes with no gaps
coin a piece of metal stamped and issued by authority of a government symbolizing values of money
compare to consider or describe as similar
data things known; a collection of information
denominator the number below the line in a fraction where a whole number is divided into equal parts--the denominator represents the total number of equal parts
diagonal a line segment that joins two vertices of a polygon but is not a side of teh polygon
difference the amount that remains after one quantity is subtracted from another
digit any one of the ten symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9
disagree to fail to agree
division the operation of making equal groups
equal having the same value
equation A statement that two mathematical expressions are equal
estimate (verb) to find a number close to an exact amount
expression a variable or combination of variables, numbers, and symbols that represents a mathematical relationship
fewer than a number with a lesser value than a compared number
fewest lowest amount
figure a closed shape in 2 or 3 dimensions
fraction a way of representin part of a whole or part of a group by telling the number of equal parts in the whole and the number of those parts you are describing
graph a drawing that shows a relationship between a set of data
greater than a number representing a greater value than a compared number
greatest unusually or comparatively large in size or dimension
hundreds the value of the digit three places to the left of the decimal
information knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance
intersecting lines two lines that meet or cross
key a table, gloss, or cipher for decoding or interpreting
kite a four sided geometrical shape in which each side is equal in length to one of the sides joining it
label a descriptive term
least smallest in size, amount, degree, etc
length 1) the distance along a line or figure from one point to another 2)one dimension of a 2 or 3 dimensional figure
less than to a smaller extent, amount, or degree
line an infinite set of points forming a straight path in two directions
line plot a diagram showing frequency of data on a number line
line segment a part of a line defined by two endpoints
location a place, site, or position where something is or could be located
more than to a larger extent, amount, or degree
most greatest amount extent, or degree
multiplication the operation of repeated addition
multiply to perform multiplication
number a member of the set of positive integers; one of a series of symbols of unique meaning in a fixed order that can be derived by counting
number line a diagram that represents numbers as points on a line
number pattern an arrangement of repeated numbers
even number a whole number that is divisible by 2
odd number a whole number that is not divisible by 2
whole number any of the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on
numerator the number that tells how many equal parts are described by the fraction. In the fraction 3/5, the 3 is the numerator.
ones the value of a digit one place to the left of the decimal
operation addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), division (/)
parallel always the same distance apart
parallelogram a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel and congruent sides
pattern a set of numbers that follow a rule from one term to the next
perimeter the distance around a figure
perpendicular forming right angles
pictograph a graph that displays countable data with symbols or pictures
place value the value of the position of a digit in a number
point an exact location in space
population a group of people (or objects or events) that fit a particular description
problem a question to be considered, solved, or answered
product the result of multiplication
property (1) a characteristic trait or peculiarity, especially one serving to define or describe its possessor (2) a characteristic attribute possessed by all members of a class
quadrilateral a four sided polygon
rectangle a quadrilateral with two pairs of congruent, parallel sides and four right angles
represent To be a sign of, a symbol of, or stand in for something; to be the equivalent of.
rhombus/rhombi a parallelogram with all four sides equal in length
round to the nearest (1) forming or expressed by a whole number, with no fraction (2) expressed to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand
rule a method or procedure; the given method between terms
ruler an instrument used to measure length
scale an instrument used for weighing
side 1) a line segment connected to other segements to form a polygon 2) an edge of a polyhedron
square a parallelogram with for congruent sides and four right angles
subtraction an operation that gives the distance bewteen two numbers or an operation used to compare two numbers
sum the result of addition
survey a detailed study by gathering information
symbol something that represents something else
tens value of the digit two places to the left of the decimal
thermometer an instrument for measuring the degrees of temperature
thousands the value of the digit four places to the left of the decimal
title the name used to describe the data of a graph
total the value of the whole amount
trapezoid a quadrilateral with exactly two parallel sides
triangle a polygon with three sides and three angles
vertex/vertices 1) the point at which two line sements, lines, or rays meet to form an angle 2) a point on a polyhedron where three or more faces intersect
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