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Subtraction #2

Subtraction with Regrouping

64,029 - 24,284 = 39,745
100,038 - 53,888 = 46,150
29,582 - 22,904 = 6,678
480,273 - 329,078 = 151,195
32,482 - 23,695 = 8,787
259,007 - 234,824 = 24,183
53,372 - 28,724 = 24,648
75,281 - 58,311 = 16,970
435,824 - 127,490 = 308,334
101,101 - 8,888 = 92,213
Sarah scored 2,293 points in a video game. That was 1,536 points more than Elvin's score on the same game. How many points did Elvin score? Elvin scored 757 points on the game.
Mrs. Minus wants to buy a new car. She has $5,005 to spend on a car. She bought a car that cost $3,398. How much money does Mrs. Minus have left over? Mrs. Minus has $1,607 left over.
Oliver has 8,293 stamps in his stamp collection. There was a flood and it ruined 2,799 of the stamps. How many stamps didn't get ruined? Oliver has 5,494 stamps left over.
The Great Smoky Mountains are 6,643 feet high. Jordon has climbed 1,870 feet so far. How many more feet does she have to climb until she reaches the top of the mountain? Jordon has 4,773 more feet to climb up the mountain.
Anna and her best friend are making necklaces using beads. Anna used 56,203 beads and her friend used 89,289 beads. How many beads did they use in all? Anna and her friend used 145,492 beads in all.
Michael played video games all weekend long. On Saturday, his score was 32,790. On Sunday, his score was 47,288. How many points did he score on both days? Michael score 80,078 points in both days.
Mrs. Monti withdrew $63,892 from her bank account in June to help pay for a new house. She then took out $28,798 in July to redecorate the new house. How much money has she spent in all? Mrs. Monti spent $92,690.
Mr. Bookski is getting a total count of books in the public library. There are 69,839 fiction books and 57,809 non-fiction books in the children's section. How many books are there in all in the children's section? There are 127,648 books in the children section of the public library.
Created by: HarrTeacher