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E10 Lesson 2

Wordlywise Book 10 Lesson 2

adjudicate to hear and decide judicially; to judge
centennial a one-hundredth anniversary or its celebration OR of or pertaining to a period of one hundred years
countenance a person's face; the expression on a person's face OR to support or tolerate
disgruntle to make dissatisfied; to put in a bad mood
equilibrium a state of balance
expedite to speed up a process; to facilitate
gird to encircle, bind, or surround OR to get ready for action; to brace
gratuitous not called for; unnecessary OR without charge; free
illusory unreal or imagined; deceiving
implacable incapable of being placated, soothed, or significantly changed; relentless
luminary a source of light, especially from the sky, such as the sun or moon OR a person who is well known for his or her achievements; a celebrity
manifesto a public statement explaining the intentions, motives, or views of an individual or group
mesmerize to fascinate or hypnotize
precedent an act or statement that may serve as an example or justification for a later one
spurious not genuine; false
Created by: mrscjones