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Ecumenical A number of different churches
Fascistic Relating to fascism
Libel (V) To make a false statement, to defame
Avow To assert or confess openly
Recidifist A person who repeatedly offends
Recrimination Accusation in response to one from someone else
Apotheosis Climax, highest point of development
Bluster Talk in a loud, aggressive or indignant way with little effect
Swagger Walk or behave in a very confident or arrogant and aggressive way
Intuit Instinctual
Codify Arrange according to a set system
Claque A group of unquestioning followers, a group of people that are paid to applaud a performance
Tantamount Virtually the same as, equal to
Habiliments Clothing
Paragon Perfect example/model of excellence
Vestige A trace of something
Libertine Without principles, responsibility, or morality; a freethinker
Wanton Deliberate or unprovoked violence; sexually promiscuous
Wanton (V) Behave in a sexually promiscuous way; play or frolic
Solecism Incorrect behavior; grammatical mistake
Proscribe Forbid by law; denounce or condemn
Denigrating Criticize unfairly; disparage
Jouissance mirth
insouciance a relaxed and calm state, a feeling of not worrying about anything
xenophobic one unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people f foreign origin
fiat an official order given by someone who has power; an order that must be followed;
abstemious not eating and drinking much; marked by restraint, especially in the consumption of food and alchohol
bespeak to be evidence of something; to hire, engage, or claim beforehand; to speak to with formality
lampoon a piece of writing, cartoon, that mocks or makes fun of a well-known person or thing; satire; cariacture
calumniate to speak maliciously, false statements, charges, or imputations about; asperse, traduce, vilify; malign
morass an area of soft, wet ground; a situation that traps, confuses, or impedes; an overwhelming or confusing mass or mixture; quagmire
synoptic affording a general view of a whole; manifesting by breadth of view; presenting or taking the same view
climacteric a major turning point or critical stage; crucial
fallacious containing a mistake; not true or accurate; intending to deceive or mislead; untrue, incorrect
impute to suggest that someone is guilty, to lay blame (falsely or unjustly)
callow used to describe a young person who does not have much experience, and does not know how to behave as an adult; lacking sophistication; immature
catholic ecclectic; including many different things
facile too simple; not showing enough thought or effort; too easy; moving very easily; easily accomplished or attained
contusion an injury that does not break the skin, bruise
confer bestow honor; to invest with; to meet with
plenary attended by all the people who have the right to attend; complete in every way
plenipotentiary representative, legate; invested with full power
legate an official representative sent to a foreign country; an official representative of the pope; a usually official emissary; plenipotentiary
metamorphose to change in an important and obvious way into something that is very different
succor something that you do to give to help someone who is suffering in a difficult situation; relief, something that furnishes relief;
bootless ineffective, feckless, useless, unprofitable, abortive, inefficacious, otiose
feckless bootless, weak, ineffective, worthless, irresponsible
interminable seeming to have no end
clement lenient, merciful
tantamount equal to something in value, meaning, or effect
chimerical wrong, notional, existing only as the product of unchecked imagination, fantastically visionary or improbable
notional chimerical, nonexistant
fatuous imbecilic, foolish or stupid
collate juxtapose, gather together information from different sources to study it carefully
ratiocinate reason
interpose to place between two things or people, to interrupt a conversation
imprecation an offensive word or phrase, curse; anathema, execration, malediction, malison
enfilade salvo; to rake, be in a position to rake with gunfire, barrage
salvo discharge of two or more guns in a military action, barrage
couth well-mannered, sophisticated, polished, genteel
consummate extremely skilled and accomplished, to make something perfect
bloviate to speak or write verbosely and windily, consescension
gnosticism collection of ancient religions that shunned the matirial world
corollaries consequences, something that results from another thing; a proposition inferred immediately from a proved preoposition
trapping appurtenance, appearance, caparison, outward signs
appurtenance appearance, trapping, object that is used with or for something, an accessory objects
paradigm a model or pattern for something that may be copied; a theory or a group of ideas about how something should be done, made or thought about, archetype
prepossession attitude, belief, or impression formed beforehand, prejudice; and exclusive concern with one idea or object, preoccupation;
sybarite debauchee, decadent, sensualist, voluptuary, luxurious; sumptuous
pollard a tree cut back to the trunk
aleatory indiscriminate, not choosy, relating to chance; depending on an uncertain event or contingency as to both profit and loss
venal willing to do dishonest things in return for money; capable of being bought; corruptible
lucre money, profit; monetary gain
graft the acquisition of gain in dishonest or questionable ways; illegal or unfair gain
payola graft, monty that is paid to someone for illegally helping to sell or advertise a product
limn depict or describe; suffuse or highlight
obtundity dullness, low intensity, deadened
effete affected, overrevined, ineffectual; no longer capable of effective action; lacking strength, courage, or spirit
sagacious having or showing an ability to understand difficult ideas and situations to make good decisions; keen judgement; discernment
lucubration laborious or intensive study
caliginous dark, obscure, stygian, tenebrific, tenebrous
avuncular like an uncle, suggestive of an uncle
incontrovertible unable to be doubted, indisputable
inelectable unchangeable; not able to be avoided or resisted
inexorable unchangeable; not able to be stopped or changed; not able to be persuaded, moved, or stopped
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