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Review for Unit 3 Exam

Greece's geography forced them to use what form of governemnt? City State
The Romans used what form of government? Republic
Pax Romana was ... 207 year of peace
Government according to Aristole? Governemnt should be held to the same laws as the people.
What reforms did Augustus make? Political and social reforms
Main principle of law we got from the Romans? innocent until proven guilty
The Hellenistic Culture was blend of what cultures? Persian, Greek, Indian, and Egyptian
Why did Romans give Christians a hard time? They did not worship Roman Gods
Christianity became popular because It promised eternal life, open to everyone, one on one relationship, Roman roads
How were Greek and Roman religions alike? Mythological Gods and Goddesses
Why did Germanic tribes invade the Roman Empire? Forced into the Empire by the Huns
Diocletian divided the roman empire to make it easier to ... Govern and control
Why did the Roman Empire fall apart? Bad leadership, gap between rich and poor, invaders, lack of interest in Empire
Justinian was known for .... Restablishing the Eastern and Western Roman Empire
Byzantines got most of their ideas from what two ancient cultures? Greek and Roman
What was the religion on the Byzantine Empire? Eastern Orthodox
What was Justinian's wife's name? Theodora
What was the purpose of Justinian's code of law? Unify the laws in both eastern and western Europe
Achievments Romans were best known for? Engineering, language, law, and architecture
Greek philosopher was put to death for getting people to question what was going on in Gov. socrates
What city was considered to be the center of the hellenistic world? Alexandria, Egypt
2 groups fought each other in Peloponnesian War Athens and Sparta
most of the info. we get about Jesus's life is called? Gospels (first four books of New Testaments)
Created by: jarnold2