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Unit 2 review

World History

What was the main difference between the Nile River & the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? The Nile River flooded at regular intervals whole the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers did not.
What did the Egyptians and Mesopotamians have in common? They both allowed women to have careers and own land.
What was the earliest system of laws ever recorded? Hammurabi's Code
How did the Egyptians view the Pharaoh? The viewed him as a living god
What do the pyramids tell us about the Egyptians? They had a good government, lots of building materials, great math and engineering skills
Who were the first people to really promote worshipping only one god (monotheism)? Hebrews (Jews)
What was the purpose of the Ten Commandments? They provided the civil and religious laws for the Jews
How were the prophet Zoroaster's beliefs similar to later religious beliefs such as Christianity and Islam? Be believed in Angels and a "Satan like" figure.
What achievements were the Phoenicians most famous for? Phonetic alphabet, seafaring, ship building, and red-purple dye
What advancements were made in India during the Gupta Empire? Advancements in literature, art, science, and math
What principles was Asoka known for believing in? Religious tolerance, non-violence, and treating people fairly
What factors caused the Mauryan Empire to decline? The death of Asoka and political instability led to their demise
What enabled Buddhism to be spread all over Asia? Trade
How are Hinduism and Buddhism alike? They both believe in reincarnation, non-violence, and karma
What do the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism have to say about the caste system? Hinduism believes in the caste system while Buddhism rejects it.
Why did Feudalism fail in China? Instead of helping to keep control of things, it led to independent lords
What kind of government did Shi Huangdi use in China? Autocracy
What item dominated China's trade and ultimately led to the roads out of China being named after it? Silk
What were the three ancient Chinese philosophies of Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism trying to accomplish? They all wanted to bring back order, harmony, and respect for authority in China
What was the Mandate of Heaven? It was God's approval or blessing to rule China.
Who was the famous Chinese philosopher that focused most of his efforts on building relationships and having respect for his elders? Confucius
What kind of government did Egypt use during the time of the pharaohs? Theocracy
How far did the Phoenician trading network extend? It covered the Mediterranean Sea, the northern part of Africa, and into Britain.
Why did the Phoenicians need a phonetic alphabet? Their merchants needed a way to keep track of their sales clearly and quickly.
What writing system did the Sumerians invent? Cuneiform
What writing system did the Egyptians invent? Hieroglyphics.
What two rivers in India were the focal points for early civilization? Indus and the Ganges
What issues caused the Indian subcontinent to be isolated and protected from the rest of the world? Deserts, mountains, and water
What were the causes of the Indus Valley civilization's decline? Earthquakes, flooding of rivers, and overuse of the farm land all played a part in the civilization's decline.
What is the name given to the seasonal winds in India? Monsoons
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