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Mrs Six government

What do you know about basic government?

How many branches are in the Federal Government of the United States? Three
How many branches are in the State Government of Michigan and all other states? Three
How many branches of government are in the local governments in cities and towns? Three
What are the names of the three branches at the Federal and State level? Executive, Legislative, Judicial
Who is in charge of the Executive Branch? The president
Who is in charge of the Legislative Branch? Congress
Who is in charge of the Judicial Branch? The Supreme Court
Which branch has the power to declare war? Executive
Which branch makes sure we don't break the rules of the Constitution? Judicial
Which branch makes laws? Legislative
What must happen if a law is written by a legislator before it becomes law? Signed by president
How many judges are on the Federal Supreme Court? 9
How many parts are there to the legislative branch? 2 (Senate and House of Representatives)
How many senators are there? 100
How is the number of senators decided? 2 for each state
How is the number of house of representatives decided? It's based on population of the state.
If something happens to the president, who becomes president? Vice President
Which branch has the most power? None, they are equal. None can do anything without the approval of another.
How many years can a president be president? 8 if he/she is voted twice. They may not run again.
Who is head of the executive branch at the state level? Governor
What is the name of the current president? Obama
What is the name of our current governor? Snyder
What is the birth rule for presidents? Must be born in the United States.
Are there other rules to be president? Yes, such as must be at least 35 years old.
Can rules and laws be made that are different from state to state? Yes, each state has laws made by their state legislators.
Which branch writes laws? Legislative
Which branch has senators and legislators? Legislative
Which level would make a law that says all US citizens must be 18 to vote? Federal
Which branch might make a law about the speed limit on a town's road? Local
Which branch might make a law about highway speed, age you can drive and laws about permits for weapons? State
What is the title of the executive branch on the local level like Grand Rapids? Mayor
What is the title of the executive branch on the state level? Do you know our state leader's name? Governor- Rick Snyder
What is the title of the executive branch on the federal level? What is our leader's name? President- Barack Obama
Suppose you were a citizen and wanted to change a law. Which branch would you need to go to? Legislative
If I believed my Constitutional rights were violated, which level must I go to first? Local
How many terms (times voted) can a president do?How many total years is this? 2 equaling 8 (4 years each)
Why is it a good idea to NOT have a president for life? Too much power. People can't control leaders.
Why is it a good idea for a judge to stay a judge for life? More time hearing court cases makes them wiser and better at understanding the law.
Who chooses the Supreme Court Justices at the Federal level? President
A monarchy is not as good as democracy because.... Too much power to king or queen for too long.
True or false, Michigan has more representatives than the very large state of Alaska. True
Created by: mrssix