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Spanish - medical

Spanish - medical terms

towels toallas
band-aids tiritas
pills pastillas
capsules capsulas
poison veneno (bay-NAY-no)
heroin heroina
cocaine cocaina
the thermometer el termometro
the scale la bascula (BAH-scoo-luh)
the syringe La jeringa (jer-EEN-guh)
the needle la aguja (a-GOO-huh)
the bandage la venda
the pill la pastilla
urine la orina
stool la materia fecal
hair el cabello
forehead la frente
eyelid el parpado
eyelash la pestana (pest-on-ya)
cornea la cornea
iris la iris
nose la nariz
nostril la fosa nasal
lips los labios
tooth (teeth) el diente (los dientes)
chin la barbilla
molar la muela
neck el cuello
skull, cranium el craneo
eyebrow la ceja
pupil la pupila
ear la oreja
hearing el oido
cheeks los pomulos
palate el paladar
tonsils amigdalas
tongue la lengua
throat la garganta
body el cuerpo
mouth la boca
chest el pecho
nipple (woman) el pezon (pay-ZONE)
nipple (man) la tetilla
navel el ombligo
hip la cadera
groin la ingle (ing-lay)
head la cabeza
eye (eyes) el ojo (los ojos)
clavicle la clavicula
armpit la axila
sinuses los senos
abdomen el abdomen
forearm el antebrazo
wrist la muneca (moon-yek-uh)
the palm of the hand la palma de la mano
thigh el muslo
genital (genitals) la genitalia (los genitales)
knee la rodilla
shin la espinilla
toe (toes) el dudo del pie (los dedos del pie)
toenail la una (oon-ya) del dedo del pie
face la cara
nape la nuca
shoulder el hombro
back la espalda
waist la cintura
arm el brazo
fingernail (toenail) la una (oon-ya)
finger el dedo
elbow el codo
buttocks las nalgas
hand la mano
leg la pierna
calf la pantorilla
ankle el tobillo
heel el talon (tah-lone)
foot el pie
the sole of the foot la planta del pie
blood la sangre
bone el hueso
skin la piel
muscle el musculo (MOOS-coo-lo)
nerve el nervio
spine el espinazo
anemia anemia
asthma asma (AHS-mah)
cancer cancer
chicken pox varicela (bah-ree-SEH-lah)
cholera colera (KOH-leh-rah)
diabetes diabetes (de-ah-BEH-tehs)
diphtheria difteria (deef-TEH-ree-ah)
epilepsy epilepsia (eh-pee-LEHP-see-ah)
gallstones calculos en la vesicula (KAHL-koo-lohs) (veh-SEE-koo-lah)
German measles rubeola (roo-BEH-oh-lah)
hay fever rinitis alergica (ree-NEE-tees)(ah-LEHR-he-kah)
high cholesterol colesterol alto
HIV VIH (veh-ee-AH-cheh)
heart disease enfermedad del corazon
hepatitis A,B,C hepatitis A,B,C (ehp-ah-TEE-tees)
kidney stones calculos en los rinones (reen-yohn-ees)
leukemia leucemia (leh-oo-SEH-mee-ah)
high blood pressure alta presion sanguinea (preh-see-OHN) (sahn-GHEE-neh-ah)
Lyme disease enfermedad de Lyme
measles sarampion (sah-rahm-pee-OHN)
meningitis meningitis (meh-neen-HEE-tees)
mumps paperas (pah-PEH-rahs)
pneumonia pulmonia (pool-moh-NEE-ah)
polio polio (POH-lee-oh)
rheumatic fever fiebre reumatica (reh-oo-MAH-tee-ka)
scarlet fever escarlatina
small pox viruela (bee-roo-EH-lah)
tetanus tetano (TEH-tah-no)
tonsillitis tonsilitis (tohn-see-LEE-tees)
tuberculosis tuberculosis (too-behr-koo-LOH-sees)
typhoid tifoidea (tee-foh-ee-DEH-ah)
ulcers ulceras (OOL-seh-rahs)
whooping cough tos ferina (feh-REE-nah); tos consulsiva (kohn-sool-SEE-bah)
arthritis artritis (ahr-TREE-tees)
botulism botulismo (boh-too-LEES-moh)
bronchitis bronquitis (brohn-KEE-tees)
cellulitis celulitis (seh-loo-LEE-tees)
cirrhosis cirrosis (see-RROH-sees)
dermatitis dermatitis (dehr-mah-TEE-tees)
dysentery disenteria (dee-sehn-teh-REE-ah)
encephalitis encefalitis (ehn-seh-fah-LEE-tees)
emphysema enfisema (ehn-fee-SEH-mah)
hemophilia hemofilia (eh-moh-FEE-lee-ah)
hyperthyroidism hipertiroidismo (ee-pehr-tee-roh-ee-DEES-moh)
hypoglycemia hipoglicemia (ee-poh-glee-SEH-mee-ah)
viral infection infeccion viral (een-fehk-see-OHN)(vee-RAHL)
influenza influenza (een-floo-EHN-sah)
lupus lupus (LOO-poos)
osteoporosis osteoporosis (ohs-teh-oh-poh-ROH-sees)
psoriasis soriasis (soh-ree-AH-sees)
thrombosis trombosis (trohm-BOH-sees)
vertigo vertigo (VEHR-tee-goh)
bird flu influenza aviar (een-floo-EHN-sah)(ah-vee-AHR)
CF cystic fibrosis fibrosis cistica (fee-BROH-sees)(SEES-tee-kah)
CP Cerebral Palsy paralisis cerebral (pah-RAH-lee-sees)( seh-reh-BRAHL)
mad cow disease encefalopatia espongiforme bovina (ehn-seh-fah-loh-pah TEE-ah) (ehs-pohn-gee-FOHR-meh)
MD muscular dystrophy distrofia muscular (dees-TROH-fee-ah) (moos-koo-lahr)
MS multiple sclerosis esclerosis multiple (ehs-kleh-ROH-sees) (MOOL-tee-pleh)
STDs Venereal Disease enfermedades venereas
West Nile virus virus del Nilo occidental (VEE-roos)
Created by: Heidi.Medina
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