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Spanish phrases 1

Bertha has the dog. Bertha tiene el perro.
Mom wants the map. Mama quiere la mapa.
Chris drinks a bottle of water. Chris bebe un botella de agua.
Carlos is a lawyer. Carlos es abogado.
Chris is a musician. Chris es musico.
Love is beautiful. El amor es lindo.
I don't like meat. No me gusta la carne.
Cats are very independent. Los gatos son muy independientes.
Summer is humid. El verano es humedo.
Celia is going to the beach on Friday. Celia va a la playa el viernes.
I have class on Mondays. Tengo clase los lunes.
I have class on Tuesdays. Tengo clase los Martes.
I have class on Wednesdays. Tengo clase los Miercoles.
I have class on Thursdays. Tengo clase los Jueves.
I speak Spanish. Hablo espanol.
Mr. Hernando has a phone call. EL senor Hernando tiene una llamada.
"Mr. Hernando, you have a phone call. Senor Hernando, usted tiene una llamada.
I wash my face. Me lavo la cara.
I bite my nails. Me como las unas.
Dr Caceres is not in the office. El doctor Caceres no esta en la oficina.
The class is hard. La clase es dificil.
The eagle is a bird. El aguila es un ave.
Dogs are good pets. Los perros son buenas mascotes.
Cats are good pets. Los gatos son buenas mascotes.
The don't speak English. Ellos no hablan ingles.
Doug arrives on Monday. Doug llega el lunes.
The people are nice. La gente es simpatica.
Are the books Juan's? Los libros son de Juan?
My friends are nice. Mis amigos son simpaticos.
Chris works on Monday. Chris trabaja el lunes.
Mariana doesn't sing. Mariana no canta.
She is arriving right now. Ella llega ahora.
She is arriving tomorrow. Ella llega manana.
He's reading the newspaper. Lee el periodico.
She's reading the newspaper. Lee el periodico.
Bertha is in Spain. Bertha esta en Espana.
I study a lot on weekends. Estudio mucho los fines de semana.
I work in sales. Trabajo en ventas.
She always arrives on time. Ella siempre llega a tiempo.
Sari returns/is returning on Monday. Sari regresa el lunes.
We'll wait here. Nosotros esperamos aqui.
We rest in bed. Descansamos en la cama.
Julia works a lot. Julia trabaja mucho.
I don't arrive in Tampa today. No llego a Tampa hoy.
I arrive tomorrow. Llego manana.
Is he your father? Es tu padre?
Is he your boyfriend? Es tu novio?
Are you Camila's friend? Eres el amigo de Camila?
Does Carlos speak Spanish? Carlos habla espanol?
Carlos doesn't speak Spanish? Carlos no habla espanol?
Doesn't Carlos speak Spanish? No habla espanol Carlos?
He's your father, right? Es tu padre,verdad?
You're Camila's friend, aren't you? Eres el amigo de Camila,no?
They're not from here, are they? Ellos no son de aqui,verdad?
Sara doesn't speak Spanish, does she? Sara no habla espanol,verdad?
Is he your father? Es tu padre?
Yes, he's my father. Si, es mi padre.
No, he's not my father. No, no es mi padre.
Yes, I'm Camila's friend. Si, soy el amigo de Camila.
No, I'm not Camila's friend. No, no soy el amigo de Camila.
Do you drink alcohol? Usted toma alcohol?
No, I never drink alcohol. No, nunca tomo alcohol. (No, jamas tomo alcohol.)
I don't drink alcohol either. Yo tampoco tomo alcohol. (Yo no tomo alcohol tampoco.)
I can't see anything. No veo nada.
Me neither Yo tampoco.
I never eat meat. Nunca como carne.
You never eat meat? Nunca come carne? (No come carne nunca?)
You don't eat meat either? Tampoco come carne?
I don't like it at all. No me gusta nada.
My cousin's son el hijo de mi primo
My mother's shoes los zapatos de mi madre
Alicia reads her book. Alicia lee su libro.
Alicia reads Manual's book. Alicia lee el libro de Manual.
A cheap (inexpensive) book un libro barato
An old house. una casa antigua.
The test is easy. El examen es facil.
The first floor. El primer piso.
The first lady. La primera dama.
some people algunas personas
some reason algun motivo
no doubt ninguna duda
no time, never ningun momento
Who are you looking for? A quien buscas?
How much does it cost? Cuanto cuesta? Cuanto vale? Cuanto es?
How many people are coming? Cuantas personas vienen?
How much do you want? Cuanto quieres?
How much does the job pay? Cuanto paga el trabajo?
Where is the supermarket? Donde esta el supermercado?
It's next to the pharmacy. Esta al lado de la farmacia.
It's near the museum. Esta cerca del museo.
It's next to the library. Esta al lado la biblioteca.
It's on Bolivar street. Esta en la calle Bolivar.
It's facing the beach. Esta frente a la playa.
It's over there. Esta alli.
When are we going to the airport? Cuando vamos al aeropuerto?
Christina is going to the zoo on Sunday. Cristina va al zoo el domingo.
Are we going to the movies tomorrow? Vamos al cine manana?
What time does the supermarket open? A que hora abre el supermercado?
What time are you going to class? A que hora vas a clase?
What time are we going to the beach? A que hora vamos a la playa?
What time do you get home? A que hora llegas a casa?
What time are we having dinner? A que hora cenamos?
In winter it snows. En invierno nieva.
I take vacation in August. Tomo vacaciones en agosto.
There is milk in the fridge. hay leche en el refrigerador.
He neither eats meat nor drinks alcohol. Ni come carne ni bebe alcohol.
I make the bed in the morning. Hago la cama por la manana.
Lisa makes lunch. Lisa hace el almuerzo.
Camila doesn't do anything. Camila no hace nada.
The sun damages your skin. El sol hace dano a la piel.
Do you want to ask a question. Quieres hacer una pregunta?
There's no need to close the door.(It's not necessary to close the door.) No hace falta cerrar la puerta.
A chair is needed. (We need a chair.) Hace falta una silla.
The weather is good. Hace buen tiempo.
The weather is bad. Hace mal tiempo.
It's hot. Hace calor.
It's cold. Hace frio.
It's sunny. Hace sol.
It's windy. Hace viento.
It's cool. Hace fresco. Hace fresquito.
There is humidity. (It's humid.) Hay humedad.
There is fog. (It's foggy.) Hay niebla.
There is hail. (It's hailing.) Hay granizo.
There are drizzles. (It's drizzling.) Hay lloviznas.
There is mist. (It's misty.) Hay neblina.
It is raining. Esta lloviendo.
It's cloudy. Esta nublado.
It's snowing. Esta nevando.
It snows. (It is snowing.) Nieva.
It rains. (It is raining.) Lluve.
What is the weather like right now? Que tiempo hace ahora?
What is the weather like in Orlando? Que tiempo hace en Orlando?
The girl is sleepy. She is going to bed. La nina tiene sueno. Va a la cama.
You don't have to close the door. No tienes que cerrar la puerta.
It is necessary to pack the bags. Hay que hacer la maleta.
We are going to the beach tomorrow. Vamos a la playa manana.
Marta wakes up her friend. Marta despierta a su amiga.
I prefer this dress. Prefiero este vestido.
I prefer this one. Prefiero este.
Where did you buy those shoes/ Donde compraste esos zapatos?
How does it seem to you? (What do you think?) Que te parece?
It seems fine. Me parece bien.
We're missing one person. Nos falta una persona.
Someone is calling. Alguien esta llamando.
Is there someone (anyone) in the kitchen? Hay alguien en la cocina?
No one is calling. Nadie esta llamando.
No, there's nobody in the kitchen. No, no hay nadie en la cocina.
Does anyone want to go out? Alguien quiere salir?
You have something in your eye. Tienes algo en el ojo.
Are you doing something? Estas haciendo algo?
I don't have anything in my eye. No tengo nada en el ojo.
No, I'm not doing anything. No, no estoy haciendo nada.
Is this my book or yours? Es mi libro o el tuyo?
I have my key. Yours is over there. Tengo mi llave. La tuya esta alli.
Those socks are yours. These are mine. Aquellos calcetines son tuyos. Estos son mios.
That book is his. Ese libro es suyo.
This glass is yours. Este vaso es tuyo.
The mercedes is his. El mercedes es suyo.
I don't know your mother. No conozco a tu madre.
I don't know who your mother is. No se quien es tu madre.
Do you know how to swim? Sabes nadar?
I don't know how to get to the highway. No se llegar a la carretera.
What does it taste like? A que sabe?
The soup tastes like garlic. La sopa sabe a ajo.
For your information/just so you know. Para que los sepas.
I am going out. Voy a salir.
Are you going to eat dinner? Vas a cenar?
I don't feel well. No me siento bien.
Are you (all) staying here? Ustedes se quedan aqui?
Do you shower at night? Te duchas por la noche?
We're leaving. Nos vamos.
Are you leaving? Se marchan?
I forgot her birthday. Me olvide de su cumpleanos.
Are you coming? Te vienes? (Vienes?)
I ate everything. Me comi todo. (Comi todo.)
Juan washes his face and brushes his teeth. Juan se lava la cara y se cepilla los dientes.
I take off my coat. Me quito el abrigo.
I'm going to get dressed. Me voy a vestir. (Voy a vestirme.)
I have to go. Me tengo que ir. (Tengo que irme.)
They are having fun. Se estan divirtiendo. (Estan divirtiendose.)
She is tall, dark, and pretty. Ella es alta, morena y guapa.
It is eight o'clock at night. Son las ocho de la noche.
There are three of us. Somos tres personas.
It is a lot. Es mucho.
You are a friendly person. Eres una persona simpatica.
You are so pale. Estas muy palido.
The store is open. La tienda esta abierta.
My house is dirty. Mi casa esta sucia.
Camila is in the bathroom. Camila esta en el bano.
It's ok. Esta bien.
It's raining. Esta lloviendo.
Speak more slowly please. Hable mas despacio por favor.
Turn left. Doble a la izquierda.
Don't talk. No hable.
Don't go. No vaya.
Don't walk alone. (plural) No anden solos.
Don't think about it anymore. No le des mas vueltas.
Don't drive so fast, please. No conduzcas tan rapido, por favor.
Let's walk together. Andemos juntos.
Let's sleep in a hotel. Durmamos en un hotel.
Let's go to the store now. Vamos a la tienda ahora.
Created by: Heidi.Medina