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Real Estate Consult

Dialogue for assisting in a real estate transaction

Buyer wants a Deal I'd recommend you buy a home because it's where you want to live, therefore others will also probably want to live there for the same reason. It may be a deal, but if others don't want to live there, you may not be able to sell in the future.
Commission Objection According to the National Assoc of Realtors, approx 75% of all sales under contract close. We close _%. Would you like 75% or ____? we increase your opportunity to close by ___%.
Other Realtor will do it for 5% I either charge 6% or 7%.
You are a little too aggressive. I go about generating business for me like I go about getting your property sold, proactive and aggressive. What kind of salesperson do you want?
Cut Commission If an agent cannot negotiate their own commission, how do you expect them to negotiate your money?
List Too High I use the same comps as an appraiser. I will take the listing if you will agree to reevaluate after 30 days. Wouldn't you rather list at the right price and turn down 10 offers than never get one.
List too High There are a couple of options where you can list your property: list where it sits or list where is sells. Which is better for you?
Personal attention because of too many listings The more signs I have out there, the more potential for buyers to match with listings.
Find a house before listing Finding a new home is very important. What if you find something you like but it takes 1/2 the industry average to sell yours, 3 mths? You'll miss out on the new one. How about we list yours first, then start looking?
Find a house before listing How about we get your current property listed tonight, so we don't have to delay looking for your new home, fair enough?
List too high If we go on market too high, most agents that know the market will right it off as "testing". May I expand on that a little bit?
We can always reduce the price later, let's try it. If we go on market overpriced, agents perceive that as the seller doesn't really want to sell it. You can't sell a house that doesn't have buyers through the front door to see it.
Created by: dereksellskc
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