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Pre-Algebra final

8x+6 is an example of ________. Algebraic expression
A+b=a+b is an example of which property? Commutative
An expression is ________ when it has no like terms and no parenthesis. Simplified
In (5,6), 5 is the______. X-coordinate
The inverse operation for subtraction is _______. Addition
A group used to represent a larger population is a ________. Sample
7y and 12y are _____. Like terms
An integer less than zero is _______. Negative
The four regions separated axes on a coordinate plane are ______. Quadrants
The number that corresponds to a point on the number line is _______. Coordinate
When added together, an integer and its opposite make ______. Zero
Positive and negative whole numbers are called _____. Integers
The distance a number is away from zero on a number line is the number's __________ _____. Absolute Value
When two numbers that are additive inverse of each other are added, the sum is zero. True or False True
The coordinates of the points on a number line are greater as you move from LEFT to RIGHT. True or False True
A solid dot on a number line indicates that the point is included in the solution set. True or False True
The perimeter of a geometric figure is the distance around it. True or False True
If you divide both sides of an inequality by the same number, the inequality symbol reverses. True or False False
The greatest integer that is a factor of each of two or more integers is called their _____. Greatest
A whole number greater than one that has exactly two factors, 1 and itself, is called a(n) ______ number. Prime
An integer, a variable, or the product of integers and variables is a _____. Monomial
Numbers that are expressed using exponents are _______. Powers
Any number that can be expressed as a fraction using integers for the numerator and dominator, and not have a dominator of zero is a _______ number. Rational
The property that best represents the statement "3+5=5+3" is the _______ property of addition. Commutative
_________ represent positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero. Integers
The property that best represents the statement "4+0=4" is the _______. Identity
Two numbers whose product is 1 are multiplicative inverses, or reciprocals, of each other. True or False True
The mode is the number in the middle when data is arranged in order. True or False False
Mean is what people are usually talking about when they say average. True or False True
A decimal is called a terminating decimal because the division ends when the divisor is zero. True or False False
It is possible to have a set of numerical data with no mean. True or False False
The basic unit of capacity in the metric unit is the gram. True or False False
The distance around a circle is its circumference. True or False True
In the metric system, the meter is the basic unit used for measuring distance. True or False True
A radius of a circle is twice as long as it's diameter. True or False False
The null set, or the empty set, contains no elements. True or False True
A segment from any point on a circle to the center of the circle is the radius. True or False True
A _______ is a relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly the same element. Function
The set of first coordinate of a relation is called the _______. Domain
The _______ is the point at which the line crosses the y-axis. Y-intercept
The set of second coordinates of a relation is called the _____. Range
_________ lines always the same distance apart. Parallel
The _____ is the point at which the line crossed the x-axis. X-intercept
In an equation in slope-intercept form, the b represents the ______. Y-intercept
A rate is a special ratio. True or False True
Percentage is a ratio that compares a number to 1. True or false False
A ratio is a comparison of two numbers by multiplication. True or False False
The ______ is the difference between the least number and the greatest number in a set of numbers. Range
______ is the ratio that compares the number of ways the event can occur to the ways the event cannot occur. Odds
A(n) ______ angle measures between 0 degrees and 90 degrees. Acute
Two angles are ______ if the sum of their measures are 90 degrees. Complementary
When a line is perpendicular to another line, the angles formed are _____ angles. Right
A(n) _______ angle measures between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. Obtuse
A parallelogram with four congruent sides is a _____. Rhombus
Two angles are ______ if the sum of their measures is 180. Supplementary
A _____ is a common unit of measure for area. Square centimeter
A _______ is a common unit of measure for volume. Cubic centimeter
The ______ of a solid is the sum of the areas of its faces. Surfaces area
________ is the amount of space that a solid contains. Volume
A ______ is named by the shape of its base. Prism
The square of 6 is equal to to 36. True or False True
The longest side of a right triangle is called the _____. Hypotenuse
The degree of a monomial is the ____ of the exponents of its variables. Sum
Every polynomial is a monomial. True or False False
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