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Revision of Water chapters

Name the two elements water is made up of. Hydrogen and Oxygen
Name the two scientific processes that occur during the water cycle that cause water vapour to be in the atmosphere. Evaporation and Transpiration
Name the five stages of water treatment. Screening, Settling, Filtration, Chlorination and Flouridation
Name the chemical added to water during the settling phase of water treatment. Aluminium Sulphate
What is the purpose of the chlorination phase of water treatment? Killing bacteria
What is the purpose of the fluoridation phase of water treatment? To prevent tooth decay
What is the density of pure water? 1.0 g/cm3
What happens the boiling point of water if you reduce the pressure? It lowers
How do you test for the presence of water? Cobalt Chloride Paper (Blue -> Pink) or Anhydrous Copper Sulphate (White -> Blue)
Name the process of separating water into its elements using electricity. Electrolysis
Name the apparatus commonly used in the laboratory to demonstrate electrolysis. Hoffmann Voltameter
Which gas collects over the positive electrode in electrolysis? Oxygen
Why is a little acid added to the water during electrolysis? To improve the conductivity of the water
What is hard water? Water that does not easily form a lather with soap.
What causes hardness in water? Dissolved Calcium and Magnesium Ions
Name two methods of removing hardness from water. Boiling, Ion Exchange Resin or Distillation
List some advantages of hard water. Good source of calcium for teeth and bones, Nicer taste, Good for brewing
List some disadvantages of hard water. Blocks pipes, Leaves scale on kettles, Wastes soap, produces scum
What scientific process would you use to show water contains dissolved solids? Evaporation
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