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Simple Machines

Mechanical Advantage The amount a force can be amplified by a simple machine to achieve a task. The amplification occurs at a cost of a trade off for distance moved or energy transferred.
Lever Allows the user to apply torque to an object through the means of a long bar.
Incline Without friction an incline allows the user to raise an object to a height with a force smaller than the weight of the object.
Wheel and Axle Allows for simpler motion via rotation of the wheel upon the axle or by wrapping a rope around the wheel and turning the axle with a lever.
Wedge Allows user to generate great force to split or lift objects
Pulley Allows forces to be spread over a number of ropes depending upon the number of pulleys. This allows the user to apply less force to achieve the same result.
Screw A long incline wrapped around a shaft. Good as fasteners or lifting heavy objects
Efficiency The amount of energy put in compared to energy that comes out/is transferred to the final product. High efficiency = 1.00 or 100%
Conservation of Momentum and Energy Energy and momentum cannot be created or destroyed. Machines cannot produce more energy than is put in but are able to use the energy more efficiently.
Rube Goldberg Machine A machine that uses the simple machines to complete a simple task in a very complex way.
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