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metals and their use

how is iron extracted reduction
what is reduction heating metal with carbon to remove oxygen
what is an alloy 2 or more metallic elements
name 3 alloys brass, steel and bronze
what makes up brass zinc and cooper
what makes up steel iron and carbon
what makes up bronze copper and tin
5 transition metals zinc,, chromium, iron, gold,silver
properties of transition metals good conductors, stong and malleable
malleable meaning can be shaped.
properties of aluminium and its uses low density, good conductor of electricity, overhead cables and aircrafts
properties and uses of titanium low density, resists corrosion, pans and vechiles
aluminum extractions electrolysis
titanuim extraction heated with chlorine, then purifies then displaced by magnesium
smelting copper ore is heated in a blast furnace
displacement more reactive metal 'pushes out' a less reactive metal
bioleaching extraction of metals from their ores through the use of living organisms
phytomining extraction of copper using plant
properties of steel doesn't go rusty
properties of high steel hard and strong
properties of low steel malleable
uses of stainless steel cutlery and surgical instruments
uses of low steel car body panels and food cans
why doesn't steel rust chromiums
steel is an alloy of iron and carbon
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