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Physics portions 6th

Final exam 3 chapters

What is physics It is the study of how matter and energy react
What is a phenomenah It is all the information that we gather with our senses
What is physics described as The science so stigating phenomenahs
What are the 4 things which can be measured Length,mass time and temperature
What is a common unit used by scientists Th SI unit
What is measurement Comparison of a known and and an unknown constant
Length Mass Time Temperature Current Can all be measured by Meters,centimeters Kilograms,grams Hours,minutes,seconds *C,*F,K Ampheres
What is mass The quantity of matter possessed by a body
What is the principle of the pendulum A pendulum is the simplest device which is used to study the principle of periodic motion when a pendulum takes a certain amount of time to complete one oscillation is called the time period of the pendulum
What does the density of a substance tell us It tells us wether the substance is light or heavy
What does the accuracy of measurement depend on It depend on the accuracy of the instrument,how we'll we use the instrument,care in setting the device
What is temperature It is the degree of hotness or coldness of a body
There are two fixed points Meting point of ice or freezing point of water Boiling point of water or steaming point of vapor
What is the absolute zero *273 C
Clinical thermometer It is used by doctors It contains mercury in a narrow glass called capillary so that it is easily pulled up in the tube with capillary action with the slightest of heat The thermometer is marked for 35-43 degrees C Laboratory thermometers are used in the labs Mercury is used in thin wall capillary It is marked from 10-110*C There are three scales Celsius,Fahrenheit ,kelvin
Characteristics of mass Mass is the quantity of matter contained in a body Mass can never be zero for then it has no existence mass remains the same any place you go mass has no dependency on direction
Characteristics of weight Weight is the force by which the body is pulled towards the centre of the earth. Weight can be zero.weight can differ from place to place,weight has dependency on direction
What are stars Stars are huge balls of gasses that give out light
Planets Are made up of rocks or gas and do not give out light And move around sun in fixed orbits
Dwarf planets Which orbit around the sun and are smaller than most planets
Moon Is made of rock and is only object beyond earth which man has set foot on
Comet Is made of ice and dust orbiting the the sun
Meteor enters the earths atmosphere and burns up Meteorite rock survives and reaches the ground
When earth spins on it own axis it causes day and night this is called Rotation
All stars like our sun is born out of a cloud of gas and dust called the Nebula
When h2 is used up it will become the Red giant
After the white dwarf cools Down it will become a Black dwarf
Any star bigger than the Sun is called a Massive star
When a massive star bursts it turns into a ------------ that will explode to form a -------------- and then a --------------- Red giant,supernova,blackhole
Between Mars and Jupiter there is the Asteroid belt
Created by: Svs
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