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Truth in lending act/Regulation Z owner occupied 1-4 unit. institutional lenders. Disclose: APR, all finance charges in dollars. trigger terms = use 1 then use all (loan amount, down payment $, #, amount, frequency of payments, APR). APR alone ok. Refinance=3 day right to rescind
RESPA disclose settlement costs. good faith estimate of costs within 3 days of loan application. HUD-1 inspection one day prior to closing, shopping for your home loan. 1-4 fam. property financed federally regulated loan no carry backs/loan assumptions.
RESPA cont. limits 4 in escrow. prohibits kickbacks. disclosure of affiliated business relationships/receipt of fees/services. buyer chooses title insurance company
Fair credit reporting act (FCRA) protect public from inaccurate info. consumer has right to inspect/correct file. denied credit because of report, credit bureau must be given to consumer
Equal credit opportunity act (ECOA) prohibits discrimination (credit) on basis of color, race, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age or help from public assistance. (protected classes)
Americans with disabilities act (ADA) equal access to public accommodations. (handicapped spots, rams, restrooms..)
Interstate land sales full disclosure ace requires full public record of property
Fair housing laws no discrimination in sale, rental, advertising, financing on basis of: race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap[ed status, family status
Civil rights act of 1866 no discrim. bason on race or color
Federal fair housing act of 1968 prohibits discr. based on race, color, religion, nat orig, sex when selling/leasing resid. property
Steering channeling buyers to specific area
Redlining lenders/insur. company denying loans in specific areas
Fair housing amendments act of 1988 handicapped/family status
Familial status families with ids under 18
Created by: bronny
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