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WH 1919 to Today

What was so ironic about congress not allowing the US to join the League of Nations? President Wilson created it
Which nation lent Germany most of the money that it was paying back to France after WWI? US
Which American history event led to great inflation in Germany following WWI? The stock market crash
What happens to money during inflation? Its value goes down
At what times in history can one expect a dictator to take over? When the economy is bad
What type of government puts the interests of the country in front of the rights of individuals? Fascism
Which leader came up with fascism? Mussolini
Which organization was started by Lenin? Comintern
How were Stalin’s and Lenin’s plans for the USSR different? Stalin wanted an industrial country and Lenin wanted an agricultural country
Match the dictator with their country: Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il-sung, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Franco ITL, USSR, CHN, NK, VET, GER, SPN
What was Hitler’s job during WWI? Soldiers
What does Mein Kampf mean? My Struggle
Which two religions are still fighting over Palestine/Israel? Muslims and Jews
How did a lot of Africans gain the confidence to try to overthrow their colonizers after WWI? They saw the world and peoples’ freedoms
What were Gandhi’s protests mainly about? England’s colonizing of India
How were Gandhi’s protests different from those before? They were non-violent
Why did the US threaten an embargo on Japan? Japan was taking over countries in Asia and the Pacific
What two things did Hitler do before WWI that violated the Treaty of Versailles? Started the draft and sent troops to Rhineland
What was the official start of WWII? Germany invaded Poland
Describe how blitzkrieg worked. Planes bombing ahead of tanks like a steamroller
Which beach in France was stormed to start the Allies’ victory march to finally take down Hitler? Normandy
Which president decided to use the nuclear bomb? Why couldn’t FDR make the decision? Truman, FDR was dead so he wasn't making good decisions
Name the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan and the cities where they were dropped. Little boy over Hiroshima and Fat Man over Nagasaki
Which war had more deaths: WWI or WWII? WWII
What does anti-Semitism mean? Hating Jews
Why did the Jews first flee Israel (Palestine)? To escape the Romans
Which Shakespeare play is argued to have bred anti-Semitism? The Merchant of Venice
What happened on Kristallnacht? Jewish businesses and synagogues were vandalized
____ out of every _____ Jews in Europe died during the Holocaust. 2, 3
Which organization was formed after WWII to do the job that the League of Nations couldn't do after WWI? United Nations
Which German city did a wall separate after WWII? Berlin
Who made the “iron curtain” speech? What was his position? Churchill, British Prime Minister
What does MAD stand for? What does it mean? Mutually Assured Destruction, if one side uses nukes, both sides will die
What were the names of the communist and capitalist alliances that formed after WWII? US and USSR were the two leaders of the groups. NATO and Warsaw Pact
Which country put the first person in space? Which country put the first person on the moon? USSR, USA
Which part of Korea is communist today? North
What were the wars in Korea and Vietnam fought to stop? Communism
Which country was invaded during the Bay of Pigs invasion? Cuba
What worried JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Cuba having nukes
Which country controlled Vietnam since the Opium Wars? France
Which USSR and US leaders worked together to end the Cold War? Reagan and Gorbachev
What event is usually considered the end of the Cold War? It happened in Germany? The fall of the Berlin Wall
What does apartheid mean? What country practiced it? Apartness, South Africa
Who was the first feely elected president of South Africa? Where was he before he was elected? Nelson Mandela, prison
What was the name of the theocratic government that took over Afghanistan form 1996 until 2002? Taliban
Why was Iraq invaded in 2003 by the US? To find WMDs
Which three modern countries exist today since India was split after WWII? India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
People on which island near China say that they are the real China? Taiwan
Who was the leader of China during the Cultural Revolution? Mao
What is the newest country in the world? It was founded in 2011? South Sudan
Created by: rockcastle