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Jordan - Sci Ch 14

9th Grade Science Chapter 14 Study Guide

The process when phosphorus gives off light is called Photoluminescence
The Process of making light with heat Incandescence
In order for an atom to emit (give off) light it must absorb light from another light source.
Short wave lengths with high frequency Gamma Waves
What produces the electromagnetic waves in the gamma ray part of the spectrum? High Energy
This type of device uses microwaves for energy. Microwave oven
These three colors of light are considered primary colors. Red, Green, and Blue
The primary colors of pigments are? Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow
This color is produced by combining equal amounts of the three primary colors. White
The photochemical receptors in our eyes stimulated to produce yellow are Red and Green
What makes a piece of blue cloth blue? It absorbs all of the colors except blue which is reflected off of the object and back to photo-receptors in the eye.
These are the four colors used for color computer printers? Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, and Black
The primary colors used to make images on TVs are RGB - Red, Green and Blue
The wavelength of green light is? 530 nanometers
The frequency of green light is? 566 Thz (Terahertz)
This is the reason why plants will not grow in green light They would starve and die. {Because plants are green they do not absorb green light but reflect it. This means they cannot photosynthesize green light to create food. Only red and blue light are absorbed and photosynthesized as a food source.}
Photo-receptors in the eye that respond to color. Cone Cells
How many different kind of cone cells are found in the eye? Three: the kind that creates a chemical signal for red, another for green, and another for blue.
The range of energy given off by atomic electrons from tiny to huge starting with radio waves all the up to gamma waves with visible light in the middle is called this Electromagnetic Spectrum
The process of creating light by energizing atoms in a gas chamber by using a diffused spark. Fluorescence
A photoreceptor of the eye that tells how bright something is. Rod Cells
Rod cells of the eye can only see these three colors. Black, White, and shades of gray
Visible light The range of light waves on the electromagnetic spectrum that are seen by the human eye
These colors are used in dyes, pigments, and printer ink to create colors by subtracting out colors by absorption and reflecting the colors you actually see. Subtractive primary colors: Magenta, Cyan and Yellow
These colors of light are added or blended together to create different shades of color. Primary Additive colors: Red, Green and Blue
Created by: tonilynne1
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