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National 2

National chapter 2

Zone area set for specific purpose (residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, special purpose)
Bufer zone area separates two incompatible zones
Setback minimum distance from street/lot line structure can be built
Variance use granted in violation of ordinance (undue hardship)
Non conforming use (grandfathered) use pre-dates zone ordinance can continue
Encumbrance right, claim, interest held by non owner (deed restrictions, easement, lien)
Deed restriction maintain value of property and benefit owners
Lien claim against property to secure debt (money encumbrance)
Involuntary lien without consent
specific lien against specific property
Types of specific liens Real estate taxes gov't assessments mechanics HOA assessments
General lien placed against individual and all they own. priority when recorded
Income tax liens placed by IRS or AZ gov't for nonpayment of taxes
Voluntary lien placed BY owner and considered specific liens
Types of voluntary specific liens mortgages truest deeds land contracts
Easement right to use another's property for specific purpose
Types of easements appurtenant in gross personal necessity prescriptive
appurtenant right across property for benefit of Adjacent property
Gross 3rd party access (utility company)
Personal licensee was given to individual by property owner. Can be revoked at any time and not permanent
Necessity landlocked parcel ingress/egress
Prescriptive created by adverse possession
Adverse possession property taken in N Notorious O Open C Continuous H Hostile manner AZ=10 years person claiming interest bears burden of proof
Termination of easements merger holder of easement buys property quit claim deed deed used to clear title defects quiet title action court action to remove cloud on title
Encroachment structure that trespasses onto another's property
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