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Density & Motion

Revision of Motion and Density chapter

What is speed? The distance travelled per unit time
What are the standard units of speed? metres per second (m/s)
If a car travels a distance of 60km in 2 hours, calculate the average speed of the car. 30km/h
If a runner runs at a speed of 4m/s, what distance would he travel in 8 seconds? 32m
How long would it take a walker to travel a distance of 100km, walking at a speed of 2km/h? 50hours
What is acceleration? The rate of change of speed.
What are the standard units of acceleration? metres per second squared (m/s2)
If a runner starting from rest reaches his maximum speed of 12m/s in 4 seconds, what is his acceleration? 3 m/s2
If a car moving at a speed of 40m/s brakes suddenly down to a speed of 10m/s in a time of 3 seconds, calculate the cars deceleration. -10m/s2
What is velocity? The speed and the direction in which something is moving.
What is density? The mass per unit volume of a substance.
What are the standard units of density? (kilogrammes per metre cubed) kg/m3
What is the density of copper if 223g of it occupies a space of 25cm3? 8.91g/cm3
If the density of oil is 0.8g/cm3, what volume would 20g of it occupy? 25cm3
If a gradutated cylinder is filled with syrup at the bottom, water in the middle and oil at the top, which of the three liquids has the lowest density? The Oil
Created by: joeykenn