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Chemical & Physical Properties of Matter (Tabat)

What do bubbles most likely indicate in a chemical reaction? gas formation
What chemical change occurs due to mixing baking soda and vinegar? gas production
When frozen carbon dioxide is heated, it changes directly into a gas. What physical change has taken place? heat caused a change in state
What is specific heat? the amount of energy required to raise one gram of a substance 1 degree Celcius to identify unknown substances
What chemical change is most likely to involve bubbling or an odor? gas production
What is needed to change ice into water? energy
If you mix two clear liquids together and observe the clear liquids turning cloudy white, what has most likely occurred? a precipitate formed
Batteries lose effectiveness over time because of chemical reactions that occur in the batteries. Where is the best place to store batteries to keep them for a longer period of time? store them at room temperature
What is not an example of a physical change of water? stirring
What is the mass of a piece of paper after it is crumbled? the same as that of the flat paper
What changes occur when burning coal and boiling water? burning coal is a chemical change and boiling water is a physical change
What has occurred when you have ocean water and the water has evaporated and salt was visible at the bottom of the jar? a physical change
What is burning paper considered? a chemical change
How would you describe the change to an ice cube as it melts? the change is physical because the substance remains the same
What term best describes a chemical reaction that absorbs heat energy? endothermic
What evidence is used to show a chemical change in matter has occurred? a gas is produced
Baking soda and vinegar was mixed and a match was struck. Why did the lit match go out when placed in the mouth of the flask? the baking soda and vinegar reacted to produce carbon dioxide gas. the carbon dioxide gas caused the lit match to go out
What can be concluded when two liquids are mixed together, a solid forms and settles on the bottom of the container? a chemical change has taken place
What characteristic property of iron is most closely related to the formation of rust? chemical reactivity
What best describes the solid that forms when two liquids combine in a chemical reaction? precipitate
What part of digestion is mainly a chemical change? stomach acids dissolve food into nutrients
What physical property of matter illustrates when liquids are placed in a beaker settle into specific layers? density
What has happened when dough bakes in an oven? a chemical change
What happens to a substance that changes from a liquid to a solid? a physical change
What is the best evidence that a chemical reaction has occurred? gas formation
What does breaking a cold pack, causing a sudden drop in temperature demonstrate? a chemical change
What observation would be made if a precipitate reaction will have occurred? cloudy solution
What does condensation represent? a physical change
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