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Math Vocab

Mr. Farley 6th grade Math

capacity Greatest amount that a container can hold.
composite number A number greater than 0 that has more than 2 different factors.
exponents Number that tells how many equal factors.
line segment Part of a line with two endpoints.
prime number A number that has exactly 2 different positive factors, 1 & itself.
order of operations The agreed upon sequence for doing operations.
ratio A comparison of 2 numbers or measures using division.
square root The number when multiplied by itself results in a given number
vertex The point at which 2 line segments, lines, or rays, meet to form an angle.
volume A number of cubic units of space a solid figure takes up.
coordinate grid A 2D system in which a location is described by its distances from 2 intersecting, usually perpendicular, straight lines calles axes.
equation A mathematical sentence with an equal sign.
experimental probablity A statement of probability based on the results of a series of trials.
expression A combination of variables, numbers, and operation symbols that represents a mathematical relationship.
pi The circumfrence of any circle divided by its diameter.
ordered pair A pair of numbers that gives the coordinates of a point on a grid in this order (horizontal coordinate, vertical coordinate).
paralellogram A quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel and congruent sides.
percent Of 100, or per 100.
prime factorization The expression of a number as a product of prime factors.
probabilty The chance of an event happening.
rectangular prism A prism with 6 rectangular faces.
triangular prism A prism with triangular bases.
mixed number A number greater than 1 that is the sum of a whole number and a fraction.
integer A whole number or its opposite.
rational number A number that can be expressed as a ratio of 2 integers where the denominator is non-zero.
theoretical probability Finding the probability of an even without doing an experiment or analyzing data.
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