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Motion & Forces test

Flashcards for 7th grade science unit test

_______________ always causes a change in speed, or direction, or both. Unbalanced forces
When the net forces equal zero, they are _________________. balanced forces
According to Newton's 1st Law, a moving object that is not acted on by an outside _________ will remain in motion. force
Sand applied to a slick sidewalk would create _____________ on an object friction
An ice skater at rest pushes against a sled at rest, causing both the skater and the sled to move away from each other. This is an example of what law? Newton's 1st or 3rd Laws of Motion
A driver of an SUV drives past a person standing on the sidewalk. From the reference point of the person standing on the sidewalk, the SUV is in _________. motion
A car stopped by a traffic light is best described by which law? _______________________ Newton's 1st Law of Motion
A car traveling at 30 mph to the northeast tells us the _______ of the car. velocity
The path of an object as it revolves around another object in space is called an ________. orbit
___________ are caused mainly by differences on how much the moon pulls on different parts of the earth. Tides
The gravitational pull is greater between two objects that have greater ________. masses
The moon stays in orbit around the Earth because Earth's gravitational force provides _____________ on the moon. centripetal force
A book sliding off the seat of a car when it comes to a sudden stop is an example of which law? Newton's 1st Law of Motion
When two cars collide head on and bounce backwards from each other, this is an example of which law? Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
As the distance between between two objects increases, the gravity between them ___________. decreases
Pulling a locker open or pushing it closed is an example of a _________. force
A person on the Moon's surface and the Earth's surface would have the same ______. mass
Created by: ZoeyGirl13