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Realidades 3 - 9

A primera vista 1

la contaminación pollution
el desperdicio waste
la electricidad electricity
la escasez shortage (not falta)
la fábrica factory
el gobierno government
el pesticida pesticide
el petróleo oil (not aceite)
la pila battery
la protección protection
el recipiente container
el recurso natural natural resource
el veneno poison
contaminado, -a polluted
debido a due to
económico, -a economical
grave serious (not serio)
químico, -a chemical (adj.)
suficiente enough (not basta, bastante)
agotar(se) to exhaust, run out (possible reflexive)
amenazar to threaten
castigar to punish
colocar to put, place (not poner)
conservar to preserve
crecer (c-zc) to grow
dañar to damage
depender de to depend on (with prep.)
deshacerse de to get rid of (with prep.)
desperdiciar to waste
echar to throw (away) (not arrojar, tirar)
estar a cargo de to be in charge of (not encargarse) (with prep.)
fomentar to encourage
limitar to limit
promover (o-ue) to promote
tomar medidas to take steps
tan pronto como as soon as (not en cuanto)
en cuanto as soon as (not tan pronto como)
Created by: ebaspanish