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account the money that a person or business keeps in a bank
benefit the good result of a choice
budget a plan for using money
capital resources things used by people to make goods and provide services
consumer someone who buys goods and services
cost a bad result of a decision
decision the act of making up one's mind about what to do
deposit to put money into a bank account
distribution the delivery of goods to other places
division of labor a system in which each worker performs a specific task
economy the way people choose to make, buy, sell, and use things
flow chart a diagram that shows how something is done
human resources the skills, knowledge, and hard work that people bring to their jobs
interdependence a relationship in which people or groups rely on one another
invention something new that someone makes or thinks of to solve a problem
patent an official document that allows an inventor to make or sell an invention
producer someone who makes or sells goods or services
prosperity wealth and success
research the study of a subject to learn new facts
scarcity a lack of goods, services, or resources
specialization the practice of one particular type of work to make a certain product or service
spreadsheet a piece of paper or computer program that displays information in a grid
trade to exchange things with someone else
triad a group of three people or things
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