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Spanish Chapters1-5a

Spanish vocab

mes month
el verano summer
la primavera spring
el invierno winter
el otono autumn
llueve it's raining
nieva it's snowing
hace viento it's windy
hace sol it's sunny
hace frio it's cold
hace calor it's hot
leer revistas to read magazines
monipatin skateboard
patinar to skate
eres are you
segun according to
pero but
a veces sometimes
el almuerzo lunch
ciencias naturales science
ciencias sociales social studies
ensenar to teach
el horario schedule
segunda,-o second
tercera,-o third
caurta,-o fourth
quinta,-o fifth
sexta,-o sixth
septima,-o seventh
octava,-o eighth
novena,-o ninth
decima,-o tenth
tienes you have
para for
sacapuntas pencil sharpener
teclado keyboard
escritorio desk
mesa table
puerta door
ventana window
al lado de la/del next to, beside
alli there
aqui here
debajo de la/del underneath
delante de la/del in front of
detra de la/del behind
donde where
encima de la/del on top of
desayuno breakfast
platano banana
salchicha sausage
el tocino bacon
almuerzo lunch
galleta cookie
comida food,meal
compartir to share
nunca never
siempre always
por supuesto of course
que asco how awful
sin without
cena dinner
bistec beefsteak
pescado fish
cebolla onion
guisantes peas
judias verdes green beans
lechuga lettuce
zanahorias carrots
arroz rice
todos,-as all
por que why
porque because
espaguetis spaghetti
sabroso,-a tasty, flavorful
algo something
iglesia church
mezquita mosque
piscina swimming pool
no me diagas you don't say
de donde eres where are you from
despues afterwards
despues (de) after
para +infinitive in order to +infinitive
se/sabes iknow/you know
lo siento I'm sorry
Ay! Que pena Oh! What a shame
demasiado too
entonces then
un poco (de) a little
triste sad
hermanastro,-tra stepbrother, stepsister
padrastro stepfather
madrastra stepmother
gato cat
perro dog
globo balloon
dulces candy
flor flower
regalo present
solo only
Created by: T-Star318