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Realidades 3 - 8

A ver si recuerdas

el edificio histórico historic building
la fuente fountain
la iglesia church
la mezquita mosque
el monumento monument
el museo museum
el palacio palace
la plaza plaza
el puente bridge
la sinagoga synagogue
el teatro theater
a la derecha to the right
a la izquierda to the left
al lado de next to (with prep.)
cerca de close to (with prep.)
debajo de underneath (with prep.)
delante de in front of (with prep.)
detrás de behind (with prep.)
entre between
lejos de far from
antiguo, -a old, antique
enorme enormous
grande big
horrible horrible
moderno, -a modern
nuevo, -a new
pequeño, -a small
viejo, -a old
¿Cuánto tiempo hace que... ? How long has... ?
desde from, since
la fecha date (not cita)
Hace dos años. It's been two years.
Hace mucho tiempo. It's been a long time.
Hace poco tiempo. It's been a short time.
recientemente recently
la avenida avenue
la calle street, road
la cuadra block (not bloque)
la esquina corner
la artesanía handicrafts
la creación creation
la joya jewel
la melodía melody
el oro gold
la plata silver
cambiar to change
comprar to buy
el mercado market
pagar to pay
el producto product
regatear to bargain
vender to sell
asustarse to become frightened
enojarse to become angry (not ponerse enojado)
estar asustado, -a to be frightened
estar enojado, -a to be angry
ponerse enojado, -a to become angry (not enojarse)
temer to fear
tener miedo de to be afraid of (with prep.)
atreverse to dare
capturar to capture (not atrapar)
destruir (i-y) to destroy
escaparse to escape
luchar to fight (not pelear, pelearse)
matar to kill
morirse (o-ue) to die
refugiarse to take shelter
salvar to save (not ahorrar, rescatar)
colaborar to collaborate
comunicarse to communicate
el conflicto conflict
desconfiar (i-í) to mistrust
llevarse bien to get along well
llevarse mal to get along badly
la pelea to fight (not pelear, luchar)
pelearse to fight
ponerse de acuerdo to reach an agreement
reaccionar to react
relacionarse to mix (not mezclar)
Created by: ebaspanish