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Bill's class

Unit 2 lessons 16-19

What is voltage Electrical unit of measurement
How is kvp realated to the energy of the beam It is directly related
How is kvp related to optical density it is directly related
What should kvp be used to control Radiographic contrast
If the space charge compensator is working properly, what property of the primary beam is affected by kvp Energy, penetrating power, and quality
What is beam divergence As the primary beam travels it spreads apart
What is the geometric shape of the primary beam Cone
Why is the primary beam cone shaped Beam divergence
What is photon density The compactness of the photons at a given distance
As SID is increased what happens to photon density It is reduced
What is the relationship between the SID and optical density they are inversely proportional
What is the inverse square law Intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance
What is the formula for the inverse square law I1/I2=(SID2/SID1)^2
What is the purpose of film development convert a latent image to a manifest image
Can a properly exposed film be over-developed, explain No, futher increase in optical density beyond normal processing time is due to development fog activity
During manual development what is considered "ideal" development time 5 minutes
Why are the images that are developed under five minutes lighter in optical density They have not been fully developed (underdeveloped)
How is development time related to optical density directly related
What is a latent image Invisible image, has not been developed
What is a manifest image Visible image, after it has been developed
How is temperature of the developer related to optical density directly related
What is chemical fog Image that is fogged due to development
What are three ways that a film can be fogged by action of developer Developed to long, developed to hot, or contamination
How is developer temerature controlled in an automatic processor Thermastat
During automatic development what is the maximum temperature latitude +-0.5*F
Created by: lclack04