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HFW in Phrases

Short phrases that incorporate high frequency words

warm the food
gave some money
pass the test
my happy mother
he didn't go
second not last
round and round
a third team
door was open
close the door
go to bed
part was missing
always ready to go
set the table
around the yard
at three o'clock
head and neck
the fat cat
stop your car
say thank you
the black dog
we know that
a cold day
you may show
in his ear
food was warm
eyes are blue
car will start
was an order
now getting dark
to try it
for everyone
start the fire
was in love
by myself
gave a present
sat on the chair
along the way
clothes are dry
jump the wall
would you sing
the black hat
can you ride
the pretty woman
his sister went
a yellow box
fine black line
pair of mittens
the little town
little green box
as he ate
write a letter
sit on the
they will sleep
go ask her
once I went
must call today
a pretty face
open the letter
yes it is
buy a present
I like brown
please carry it
eight little ducks
grow the seed
a fast race
go fly high
do not cut
six people ran
the early bird
anything to wear
might be late
a small tree
hot and cold
please don't run
full of water
dress the baby
please clean this
want to keep
your red coat
I hope you
was the same
the bedroom wall
was the clothes
water is warm
ten little boys
turn the corner
as for myself
took off his
they need help
want to go
I like it
hand it here
two of them
must be his
point to it
a good place
you may need
turn this over
form one line
a big house
answer the phone
this place is
close the door
they still need
near the door
before they go
turn it over
form a line
they did go
it is like
go to school
at the time
they want to
it is my turn
turned out well
near the end
set it here
keep it up
just my name
put it up
it is still there
work too much
just the same
at some point
study in school
it is time
read this line
at the house
stay a while
you may go
some of the people
like it here
a big place
read a sentence
we will go
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