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World History 12

Unit 12 Review

Albert Einstein came up with a theory that replaced Newtons theory of motion, what was it? Theory of Relativity
Who said the human mind is irrational? Sigmund Freud
Pablo Picasso came up with what new form of art? Cubism
Who thought their revolution was going to inspire other such revolutions? V. Lenin
Under what system does the government control all economic decisions? Stalin's command economic system
What government controls every aspect of your daily life? Totalitarianism
What leaders resisted all forms of reform in Russia? Alexander III and Nicholas II
Which form of government stresses nationalism? Fascism
Mustafa Kemal was know by his people as Ataturk, which means? Father of the Turks
The needs of the state are more important than the needs of the indivdual, is stressed by which Fascist leaders? Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Hirohito
Nationalism, people's rights, and economic security are the principles of what chinese leader? Sun Yixian
What kind of protest did Mohandas Gandhi use in gaining India's independence? nonviolent
Who used police terror to control their citizens? Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin
Nanjing is the city where ten of thousands were killed by which invading country? Japan
The Sudetenland was given to Hilter and taken away from Czechoslavakia at which conference? Munich Conference
Created by: jarnold2