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World History

Unit 13 test

How did Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II react to the Russian people calling for change? They resisted all efforts for change
What did Lenin think the Russian revolution would accomplish? He thought it would cause similar revolutions all over Europe.
Under Joseph Stalin's leadership of Russia, who made all of the economic decisions? The government
What is a totalitarian government? The government controls all aspects of your life
What were Sun Yixian's three principles of the people? Nationalism, democracy, economic security
What principles did Mohandas Gandhi promote? He promoted non-violence
What famous Turkish leader was given the nickname "Ataturk" which means father of the Turks? Mustafa Kemal
What famous scientist came up with the theory of relativity? Albert Einstein
What were Sigmund Freud's ideas on human behavior? He said that most of human behavior is irrational
What famous artist helped invent the style of art we now call cubism? Pablo Picasso
What is fascism and what does it stress? Fascism is a style of government that emphasizes nationalism. The needs of the country are more important than those of the individual.
What methods did totalitarian leaders like Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin use to control their people? Fear, censorship, and propaganda
In what Chinese city did the Japanese torture, rape, and kill thousands of people? Nanking
Why did Hitler get involved with the Spanish Civil War? It was a testing ground for what he was going to do in World War II
How did Britain's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, try to preserve peace at the Munich conference? By giving in to him when he wanted to take over areas like the Sudentenland
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