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خطب‏* to give a speech
‏مصطلح; مصطلحات‏ terminology
اعد‏ to prepare
نطاق‏ range; scope; extend; level
تسوية‏ compromise
مغبة‏ consequence
تقويض‏ demolition; annihilation; destruction
استيطان‏ settlement
جمد‏ to freeze; to stagnate
يتخلى‏ to give up; to abandon
‏مطاط; مطاطة‏ flexible (figuratively)
مرتكب‏* perpetrator
حصانة‏ immunity (diplomatic)
‏التطهير العرقي‏ ethnic cleansing
ثابت‏ stable; fixed; immovable; sturdy
ينتمي‏* to belong to
أيد‏ to endorse; to support
استثنائيا‏ exceptional
‏تهييج الجماهير‏ exciting the masses
انقسامات‏ gaps; divides; rifts; divisions
اعتاد‏ to be used to
انضمام‏* joining
اولياء‏ parents
ابناء‏ sons
منهج‏ cirriculum
موافق‏ agreed
استفسار‏ inquiry
احتساب‏ calculating
تنفق‏ to spend
‏صروحية; طائرة عامودية‏; مروحية helicopter
خصم‏ discount; opponent
تحمل‏ to afford; to endure; to bear
شحن‏ to freight; to haul; to load
اعمال ارهاب‏ acts of terrorism
يثبت‏ to prove
غاب‏ to be absent
يُطيع‏; أطاع to obey
‏بغض النظر‏ regardless
طرأ‏ to occur
‏نص; نُصوص‏ text
عمّم‏ to generalized; to circulate
مديرية‏ directorate
مساعي‏ endeavor; effort
اقتراح‏ suggestion
تصريح‏ permission
يخفي‏ to hide
يكرس‏ to dedicate; to devote
مكافاة‏ reward
‏مندوب مبيعات‏ sales representative
مجتهد‏ diligent; hardworking; industrious
كفيل‏ sponsor
محتجز‏ detained; imprisoned; held captive; held in custody
معاملة‏ treatment; paperwork
وعد‏ to promise
لائقة‏ appropriate; proper
اسفر‏* to lead to; to result in
‏متتالي; متلاحقة‏ consecutive
ارتقاء‏ ascent; progress
منشود‏ stated
جلب‏ to attract; to bring
يفسر‏ to interpret
يقلد‏ to imitate
محتشم‏ modest; chaste; decent
استفزازي‏ inflammatory; provocative; offensive
منافق‏ hypocrite
ارتدى‏ to wear
غبي‏ to stupid
قَبِيح‏; ‏بشع ugly
خيط‏ thread
مسار‏ path; course; track
ما يسمي‏ so called
قتراع‏ poll; ballot; voting
معدة‏ stomach
حفز‏ to stimulate
راهن‏ present
قرينة‏ wife
مسابقة‏ competition; contest
إغراء‏ temptation; lure; appeal
تناول‏ to deal with
يطارد‏ to chase; pursue
جواهر‏ jewelry
‏سوار; أساور‏ bracelet
‏ماس; ألماس‏ diamond
اعترض‏ to object
يهتم‏; اهتم‏ to care
يدل‏ to indicate
يشجب‏; أدان to condemn
مزايا‏ advantages; benefit; good characteristics
يحث‏* to urge
يشفي‏ to recover (from sickness only)
‏شفاء recovery (from sickness only)
شاحب‏ pale
كذب‏ to lie
ترقية‏ promotion
يرقي‏ to promote
يغطي‏ to cover
مغطاة‏ covered
‏مزاد علني; ‏مزادات علنية‏ public auction
‏يحبط; احباط‏ to foil; foiling
صالح‏ good; righteous
استطلاع‏ reconnaissance
عذر‏ excuse
إستجواب‏ interrogation
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