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blood quiz

quiz on blood

Blood usually clots in 3 to 6 minutes
hemostasis stoppage of blood flow
esoniophils white blood cell that increases during allergies and infections of parasitic worms
RBC red blood cells, erythrocytes, carry oxygen, no nucleus, live about 120 days, most numerous blood cell,
platelets clot blood, fragments of megakaryocytes
White blood cells leukocytes, part of the immune system, should have 4000 to 11,000 per cubic mm of blood
O universal donor, most common blood type in US, recessive type of blood
hemoglobin oxygen containing pigment in blood normal levels 12 to 18 grams per 100mL of blood
basiophils white blood cell responsible for inflammation
plasma straw colored liquid portion of blood
AB blood type that can use all other blood types, co dominant, most common blood type in the world but not in the US
connective tissue blood is the only liquid tissue
Created by: TeresaGentry