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مطلة‏ overlooking
اشغال‏ occupancy
‏لا مثيل ل‏ unlike anything before
زحاما‏ crowding
جميع‏ * all
معبد‏ shrine
مجمع‏ complex; structure
حقائب‏ baggage; luggage
موسوعة‏ encyclopedia
قاسي‏ cruel; harsh
يجري‏ * to conduct; to run
احوال‏ condition
سيئ‏ bad
اضطر‏* to force; to compel
يمتع‏ * to enjoy
خلابة‏ stunning; magnificent
منتزة‏ park
يسير‏* to walk
يقود‏ to drive
فنار‏ lighthouse
حافلة‏ bus
مفترق‏ intersection
‏مضادات حيوية‏ antibiotics
مُظْلِم‏ dark
عويص‏ difficult
فضلا‏ as well as; additionally
فخر‏ pride
رقعة‏ area
مجاعة‏ famine
احلال‏ establishing
لحق‏ to catch up with
بل‏ * but
قلعة‏ castle; fort; fortress
معالم‏ landmarks
غادر‏ * to depart
تستغرق‏ to take up time; to last
محل‏ location; in place of
شراع‏ sail
تجديف‏ rowing
غوص‏ to dive
‏على متن‏ on board
منطاد‏ hot air balloon
معايير‏ criteria; standards
طرح‏ to pose (a question)
كفاءة‏ qualification; capability; competence
جالية‏ community
ابرز‏ * most prominent
طلاء‏ to dye; to paint
فقرة‏ paragraph
يصفق‏ to applaud; to clap
صدع‏ to crack
اهمال* neglect
تركيب‏ installation
سواء‏ whether
من‏ who; whom
تأشيرة‏* visa
كي‏ in order to
جزار‏ butcher
بقالة‏ grocery
بهجة‏ beautiful; delight; joy
ترويجية‏ marketing
مقصد‏ destination
كافة‏ throughout; in all the world
احتمال‏* probability; possibility
ثم‏* after that; and then
مؤسسة‏ * association; institution; establishment;
يجعل‏* to cause; to make
نظير‏ counterpart
نظراء‏ counterparts
مظلة‏ ; ‏مظلات‏ parachute; umbrella
حنكة‏ experienced
جرافة‏ bulldozer; crane
ترسيب‏ accumulation
‏تبرعات* donations
يبرع* to donate
نظري‏ theoretical
ملموس‏ tangiable
يفسر‏ to explain; to clarify; to interpret
بفضل‏ thanks to; due to; because of (positive)
مؤهل‏ qualified; eligible
مستهلك‏ consumer
يدمج‏ to merge; to combine; to integrate
قبيل‏ before; shortly before; just before
اقراب‏ * relatives
مقلد‏ mimic; counterfeit
جودة‏ quality
تنازلات‏ concessions
وقوع‏ occured; took place
لقى‏* to meet
طراز‏ model; type; style
خلل‏ defect; malfunction
نجا‏ to survive
‏اقتحم to break into
سطا‏ to attack; to rob
انباء‏ news
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