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US History

Unit 12 test (Pearson)

What did the Truman Doctrine state? It said that the US would come to the aid of any country in the world that was trying to resist communism.
How did the US get supplies into Berlin when the Soviet Union put a blockade around it? They had to airlift supplies in for 15 months
What alliance did the Soviet Union form in response to the US forming NATO? They formed the Warsaw Pact
What was the final outcome of the Korean War? South Korea was able to resist being taken over by North Korean. The line that divided the countries was the same as it was before the war.
What impact did Joseph McCarthy have on American society? He created widespread fear in the US of communism.
What was the Soviet Union's goal coming out of WWII? Their goal was to rebuild the country and protect their own interests.
What was the Cold War? It was a period of political tension between the US and the Soviet Union from the 1950's through the late 1980's.
What was the main purpose of the Marshall Plan? To create stable democracies in Europe that could resist communism.
What effect did the highway building campaign of the 1950's have on US citizens? It caused less reliance on public transportation. More people began to own cars and use them as a means of transportation.
What challenges did Truman face with the economy coming out of WWII? His biggest challenge was keeping inflation in check.
What was the US reaction to the Soviets launching "Sputnik" into space? It made the US focus more resources on the teaching of math and science in schools to counter the Soviets.
What was the Taff-Hartley Act? It restricted labor strikes that threatened national interests.
How did TV effect economic growth in the 1950's? It helped spur economic growth by allowing businesses to reach consumers through advertisements on TV
Why did computers become prevalent in the 1950's? The new computers were smaller and faster and thus became more prevalent in businesses in the 1950's.
Who was William Levitt? He designed track housing that could be put up really fast. He had several communities throughout the country where his "track housing" model was used.
What was the role of women in the 1950's? Their primary role was to manage the home.
What ideas was Eisenhower's campaign focused around in the 1952 election? His three key areas of focus were: Korea, communism, and corruption
What were the immediate effects of the baby boom? Families started to move from the cities to the suburbs
satellite nations Countries subject to Soviet domination
iron curtain Philosophical "wall" of Soviet domination and oppression
containment US policy of resistance to Soviet attempts at expanding communism
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