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مجزرة‏ massacre
‏مذبحة massacre
بدلا instead*
امتصاص‏ absorption
غضب‏ anger
تعليق comment; suspension
استجابة response
تعيين appointing; appointment; installation*
رفض* refusal; denial; rejection*
اقناع* convincing; persuasion
الاونة الاخيرة recently
غير مسبوق* unprecedented
اضرابات* strikes
معتقل detainee: detained*
سراح release
نهوض rise; to advance
امدادات supplies*
سبيل avenue; way; path; method*
انتقال transition; provisional government
متوقع expected; anticipated*
مباحثات discussions; talks
تعهد to pledge; to promise*
انتصار victory
رحيل departure; exit; departing
اطاحة ousting; overthrowing; toppling
مقرر‏ decided
اشتباكات* clashes
شرعية‏ legitimacy;legally; legal
سعى‏* to strive; to aim for; to seek*
صادق‏ honest; truthful; sincere*
تاتي‏ to come*
مقاومة‏ resistance; opposition*
هيئة‏ staff; organization; cast; form; shape; exterior; society
خارطة‏ map
‏خلافي; ‏مثار جدل‏ controversial
مسالة‏* issue
ضمان‏* guarantee; warranty; pledge*
ائتلاف‏ coalition
محدد‏ specific
موعد‏ deadline
انتهاء‏ ending*
قد + past tense verb= has/have been had already, may, could*
ممتلكات‏ properties*
تم‏ to be finished; to be complete
صرح‏* to proclaim; to declare; to state*
على اقصى تقدير‏ at the latest
تجاوز‏ surpassed; to overtake; to go beyond; to exceed
كما‏ as; just as; in addition to; (introduces a verbal sentence and must be followed directly by a verb*
منصب‏ position*
مستقل‏ independent
تحالف‏ alliance; coalition
مواجهات‏* confrontations*
صدور‏ revival; resurgence
شنق‏ hanging; strangulation
حسم‏ settlement; to settle (an issue)
اتخاذ‏* to take; to adopt; adoption*
تدابير‏* measures; steps
حطم‏* to smash; to crush; to shatter
اعتقال‏ arrest; capture; detention*
حظر‏ to ban; to forbid; to prohibit*
واقع‏* located*
كفالة‏ bail; bond; custody
ضار‏ harmful; detrimental
موازنة‏ budget
كبد‏* to inflict losses on; liver*
مما‏ from that; of that; which; which indicates that*
خلافات‏ disagreements; disputes
اقر‏* to admit; to confirm; to acknowledge
عجلة‏ haste; hurry
انفاق‏ expenditure; disbursement
تمرير‏ passage (of legislation)
مستحقات‏ dues
متعلقة‏ related to; attached to
بينما‏* whereas; while; meanwhile*
حين‏* since; when; the time of*
مصادقة‏ endorsement; ratification; authentication
اقرار‏* adoption*
حظى‏ to acquire
حيث‏* where (in a statement); because; since; due to the fact*
تخول‏ to authorize
استقطاع‏ cutback
نعى‏ to eulogize
لالسنية‏ linguistics
تاهيل‏* requalify*
تمنى‏ to hope; to wish
محرك‏ engine; motor
تسلية‏ entertainment*
فلاح‏ farmer
طازجة‏ fresh
تشكيلة‏ variety
رائع‏ spectacular; magnificent
موضة‏ fashion
تقسيط‏ installment*
وفد‏ delegation
مفصل‏ detailed
انيقة‏ elegant
اتقان‏ mastering
رؤية‏* visibility; vision; sight
اقصى‏ maximum
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