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World History 10

Unit 10 Industrial Rev

The book hard time refers to what era? Industrial Revolution
Why did Germany and Japan take longer to industrialize? Lack of natural resources and economic stability (capital)
Germany was united under Bismark using what? Warfare
What allowed Germany to grow as an industrial power? large amounts of Iron and coal
Who said the industrial revolution would produce a few rich and a lot of poor workers? Karl Marx
What country used Germany's strong central government model? Japan
Tha majority of Britain's workforce were Women and children
Japan took on western industrialized models during what era? Meiji Era
Anti-foreign sentiment lead to what conflicts in China? Boxer rebellion and opium war
After taking control of Korean penninsula, what country became an imperial power? Japan
Who did the British fight in order to gain access to gold and diamonds? The boers
Europeans divided Africa during which conference? Berlin Conference
Vietnam fell under what country's colonial rule? France
What were the two African countries to remain independent from European Imperialism? Liberia and Ethiopia
What reforms did Bismark pioneer? Social and economic
What was Adam Smith's laissez-faire economics? Government is not to interfere in the economy
How did Japan respond to foriegn pressures? They became an industrial power
What was the war between Russia and Japan called? Russo-Japanese War
Who were the Young Turks? group of Ottoman Nationalists who wanted moderization
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