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Measurement Review

Measurement Word Problem Review

A baker needs 4 pints of flour for cookies. If she makes 6 batches of cookies, how many cups of flour will she need to use? The baker will need 48 cups of flour for 6 batches of cookies.
Sarah has 12 minutes to finish a puzzle. How many seconds are in 12 minutes? There is 720 seconds in 12 minutes.
Riley buys a 5 pound 11 ounce bag of pears. He also bought a bag of kiwis that weighed 48 ounces. How much did the pears and the kiwis weigh together in ounces? The pears and kiwis weigh 139 ounces together.
Angela started studying at 06:15 pm and stopped studying at 8:50 pm. How long did she study? Angela studied for 2 hours and 35 minutes.
Katie runs a race that is 7 kilometers long. How far did she run in meters? Katie ran for 7,000 meters.
Jack has 6 quarts of water at home. He buys 2 gallons of water at the store. How many quarts of water does Jack have now? Jack has 14 quarts of water.
A whiteboard is 4 feet long. A poster is 10 inches. How many inches longer is the whiteboard than the poster? The whiteboard is 38 inches longer than the poster.
Which unit is the best estimate for the length of a textbook? (Kilometer, Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter) Centimeter
Alan got to football practice at 09:30 am. Practice lasted 1 hours and 40 minutes. What time did practice end? Football practice ended at 11:10am.
Six children share 6 liters of juice. How many milliliters of juice did each child get? Each child gets 1,000 mL of juice.
Created by: HarrTeacher