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Viajes, Capítulo 10

friendship la amistad
love el amor
affection el cariño
engagement el compromiso
divorce el divorcio
flower la flor
honeymoon la luna de miel
marriage el matrimonio
bride la novia
courtship el noviazgo
groom el novio
engaged couple, newlyweds los novios
first date la primera cita
bouquet el ramo
newlyweds los recién casados
separation la separación
life la vida
to hug (each other) abrazar(se)
to love amar
to kiss (each other) besar(se)
to get married, to marry casarse (con)
to shake hands darse la mano
to get divorced (from) divorciarse (de)
to fall in love (with) enamorarse (de)
to get along well (poorly) (with) llevarse bien (mal) (con)
to love querer
to break up (with) romper (con)
to go out (with) salir (con)
to separate (from) separarse (de)
to throw tirar
at first sight a primera vista
They got along well (imperfect tense) Se llevaron bien
They shook hands (imperfect tense) se daban la mano
to break up with someone dejar a alguien; cortar con alguien
fiance prometido(a)
engaged comprometerse
They are getting married se casarán
with whom con quien
congratulate him felicitarlo
the same one la misma
they have been engaged for one year (or in a serious relationship) llevan un año de novios
wildly locamente
my love mi amor
have a good time pasarlo bien
I'll explain everything to you yo te lo explico todo
the wedding la boda
I have opened he abierto
he has said ha dicho
you have written ha escrito
we have done; we have made hemos hecho
she has died ha muerto
they have seen han visto
I have returned he vuelto
I have eaten he comido
She has talked ha hablado
we have lived hemos vivido
the owner el dueño
The door is closed La puerta está cerrada
I'm going to listen to songs written in Spanish. Voy a escuchar canciones escritas en español.
naturally naturalmente
frequently frecuentemente
constantly constantemente
on time (in a timely manner) puntualmente
carefully cuidadosamente
easily fácilmente
rapidly rápidamente
honestly honestamente
each day cada día
every year todos los años
never nunca
again otra vez
almost always casi siempre
only, just solamente
sometimes a veces
once una vez
many times, very often muchas veces
reception la recepción
banquet el banquete
guests los invitados
band la orquesta
couple la pareja
to accompany acompañar
to catch agarrar
to applaud aplaudir
to attend asistir a
to congratulate felicitar
to make a toast hacer un brindis
to take place tener lugar
to end terminar
dressed elegantly vestido(a) de gala
will say (future tense) diré, dirás, dirá, diremos, dirán
will do/will make (future tense) haré, harás, hará, haremos, harán
will be able (future tense) podré, podrás, podrá, podremos, podrán
will want (future tense) querré, querrás, querrá, querremos, querrán
will know (future tense) sabré, sabrás, sabrá, sabremos, sabrán
will go out saldré, saldrás, saldrá, saldremos, saldrán
will have tendré, tendrás, tendrá, tendremos, tendrán
will come vendré, vendrás, vendrá, vendremos, vendrán
will travel viajaré, viajarás, viajará, viajaremos, viajarán
will go (myself) (irse) me iré, te irás, se irá, nos iremos, se irán
will return volveré, volverás, volverá, volveremos, volverán
I wonder how the weather is (was) in Miami. Qué tiempo hará (haría) en Miami.
It's probably 80 degrees. (it probably was) Estará (Estaría) a 80 grados.
It's probably due to the humidity (it probably was) Será (sería) por la humedad.
there would be (conditional for hay) habría
would say diría, dirías, diría, diríamos, dirían
would do/make haría, ....
would be able podría ...
would put pondría ...
would want querría
would know sabría...
would go out saldría...
would have tendría ...
would come vendría ...
the date (social) la cita
to get divorced from divorciarse de
to fall in love with enamorarse de
first primero
then luego
then; so entonces
afterward después
at last, finally por fin
back then en aquel entonces
sidewalk banqueta
my partner mi pareja
careful cuidadoso
branch of a tree la rama
once there was a princess una vez había una princesa
Only vs. alone sólo = only; solo = alone
the same one (m, f); the same thing el mismo; la misma; lo mismo
that which follows lo que sigue
bellhop botones (buttons)
thief ladrón
victim víctima
affectionate cariñoso
I leave the class salgo de la clase
to move (to a different location) mudar(se)
The papers are corrected Los papeles están corregidos.
The potatoes are peeled. Los papas están peladas.
The salad is made. La ensalada está hecha.
The children are asleep. Los niños están dormidos.
The papers were corrected by the professor. Los papeles fueron corregidos por el profesor.
The windows were washed every month. Las ventanas son lavadas cada mes.
The letters have been written by the secretary. Las cartas han sido escritas por la secretaria.
quietly calladamente (callado)
completely completamente
happily alegremente
constantly constantemente
often, frequently a menudo
downstairs, below abajo
perhaps acaso
foreward, up ahead adalante
sometimes algunas veces
the day before yesterday anteayer, antier
barely, scarcely apenas
above, upstairs arriba
behind atrás
still aún
even though aún que
yesterday ayer
quite, enough bastante
each, every cada
almost casi
all of a sudden de repente
afterwards después
at once en seguida
then, next entonces
today hoy
then luego
bad mal
better mejor
a lot mucho
many times muchas veces
worse peor
few times pocas veces
little by little poco a poco
finally por fin
first primero
maybe quizás
perhaps tal vez
not yet todavia no
once una vez
already ya
no longer ya no
I wonder what time it is/ I wonder what time it was Qué hora será? Qué hora sería
Mom IS probably sick/ Mom WAS probably sick Mamá estará enferma / Mamá estaría enferma.
Grandpa IS probably dying / Grandpa WAS probably dying Abuelo morirá / Abuelo moriría
If you went with me, I would go to Little Rock. Si tú fueras conmigo, yo iría a Little Rock.
Created by: jorrylin