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World History SOL

SOL 6 Review - Rome

Mediterranean Sea This sea is closest to Rome.
Alps These mountains protect Rome from invasion.
Italian Rome is located on the _____ Peninsula
Gods Planets are named after Roman _________.
Patricians Powerful landowners who controlled Roman government and society
Plebeians Farmers and workers who made up most of the Roman Population (common people)
Taxes and military service Roman citizens were responsible for:
Mr. Ed (Stages of Rome) Monarchy, Republic, Empire, Decline
Republic Roman's government type; elected representatives to make decisions for people (Representative democracy)
Gaul Area of land taken over by Julius Caesar (it is France today)
Punic Wars Series of conflicts between Carthage and Rome over control of Mediterranean Sea
Hannibal Leader of Carthage during Punic Wars; lost
Julius Caesar Roman Republic ended with the assassination of ___________; he had conquered Gaul and was dictator for life.
First Triumvirate Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Ceaser
Augustus Caesar Roman EMPIRE started with him; first emperor of Rome.
Second Triumvirate Mark Antony, Octavian, Lepidus
Pax Romana Two hundred years of peace and prosperity in Rome. Uniform money, safe roads, civil service were all characteristics of this time.
Twelve Tables Roman law code
Christianity Beliefs are: One god; Jesus is the son of God; Life after Death; New Testament
Jesus Crucified by Romans; founder of Christianity
Apostles/Paul Christianity was spread by:
New Testament Holy book of Christianity that includes teachings of the life of Jesus
Pantheon Domed building in Rome; temple to their gods
Colosseum A large stadium in ancient Rome where athletic events took place
Roman Forum Part of the centralized area around which ancient Rome developed as a city; government and public buildings are located there.
Aqueducts Bridge-like stone structures that carry water from the hills into Roman cities
Arches Developed by Romans
Romance languages Languages that come from the Roman language of Latin (Spanish, French, Italian)
Constantine Roman emperor who legalized Christianity; also moved capital from Rome to Byzantium (later renamed Constantinople)
Virgil Wrote the Aeneid
Ptolemy Roman astronomer; thought the earth was the center of the universe and the planets and stars orbited around the earth in a series of circles.
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