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Cantonese Lesson 7

yat wai zung yi chinese doctor
yat chai together
hok yyun college
si si always
gaau sau professor
ji sang doctor
leot si lawyer
sau fo yyun salesperson
yi yyun hospital
leot si lau law firm
baak fo gung si department store
yam ngok music
soeng mong surf internet
tiu mo dance
yau si sometimes
gaan zung occassionally
hou siu seldom
chung loi m never
wu gai si accountant
gung mou yyun civil servant
gaau lin coach
ceoi si cook/chef
siu fong yyun fireman
leot si lawyer
ging lei manager
si jing waiter
gaa ting zyu fu housewife
yin yyun actor
go sau singer
yi yyun hospital
can so clinin, eg GP
ngan hong bank
zau lau chinese restaurant
Caan teng restaurant
bou him gung si insurance company
wui gai si lau accounting firm
gung chong factory
dei chaan gung si real estate company
din lo gung si computer company
hong hung gung si airline
gwok tai Cathay Pacific
Created by: damo77